1000 Daily Credits From Retweet Bird

Are you looking for more Retweets?

Let’s face it, we are all looking to increase our Twitter followers and we all want to get more retweets. If we increase our retweets we increase our reach and in return increase the blog traffic back to our sites.

For the entire month of September Retweet Bird will be giving away 1000 credits daily to anyone who joins and submits their tweets. If you want to start simply sign up, once done send an @blogengage message requesting your free 1000 credits.

The general idea of Retweet Bird is basic. Users submit tweets they wish other users to share for them offering credits. By doing so they earn credits which they can also use towards their own shared tweets.

This is an example tweet.

#Embed #video in #email has made a comeback…with a BANG http://ow.ly/db8O3040VeT @emailmonks

Join us today and set up your first tweet at Retweet Bird.


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