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SEO, Organic Traffic Blogging Experiment

Many of you may have just started following my blog. I posted some pretty cool articles in the past regarding SEO and Creating Organic Traffic from using Unique Content and Target Keywords. I started targeting Specific Keywords to see how well I could rank with Continue Reading →

My SEO Experiment, Increase Organic Blog Traffic

haha wow… it’s hard to be a blogger, to be frank I’m still on the border line when it comes to my personal blogging career. I don’t know what direction I’m going or simply what blog to blog at. SeoMkt is my only active blog these days. I just don’t Continue Reading →

How SEO, Unique Content and Targeted Keywords can Increase Blog Traffic

When I first started this SEO experiment using unique content and targeted keywords I never knew the results would be so dramatic! I assumed I would see some ranking results indexed in Google but I didn’t think it would happen so fast! Let’s take a quick look Continue Reading →

SEO, Google Indexing, Organic Traffic and Blog Traffic Experiment

Over the past few weeks I have been writing articles including very targeted and specific keywords. The main goal in this organic traffic experiment is to generate a nice solid organic traffic flow from Google to my blog. The keywords I’m focusing on in general Continue Reading →

Generating Organic Blog Traffic

Targeting specific keywords for your blog articles isn’t an easy task. There’s some tools online that can help us determine what specific keywords we might want to use. Sometimes this software can determine what we actually blog about and we should try avoiding Continue Reading →