Criticism and Feedback

As a blogger we’re always trying to improve the readers experience and visit to our blogs. We do this by adding plug-ins, new functionality and providing quality content to read. When someone offers a suggestion, criticism or provides us with support feedback we should always take it into consideration. This is one of the best ways to improve the over all experience for your readers on your blog.

Reader Suggestions

The majority of suggestions recieved from your readers will be either content related or specific improvements to the quality of your website. Reader suggestions are the most important to listen to or you will eventually be writing for no one. Take all suggestions into consideration and implement the end result. Piece of advice don’t ever say you will do something and not follow through with your words. Get things done the right way right away.

Constructive Criticism

Sometimes this type of feedback can bite you in the ass. Sometimes it’s offensive, or more so embarrassing. Listen to me right now and listen good. It’s this exact type of feedback you must accept. Don’t get me wrong if your reader is being an asshole and saying stuff that’s irrelevant you can disregard and perhaps delete the comment but if it’s truthful and beneficial to your blog you mustaccept and implement the idea. This is only going to make the overall experience much more professional.

Reader Feedback

This type of feedback will normally be in the form of an opinion. It’s always beneficial to listen and take the the feedback into consideration. This can be easily disregarded but it’s highly reccomended not to as you should value your readers opinions and respect what they have to say.

It’s ironic I was posting about this today seeing a new reader of mine, Doug Dillard and the Gooroo actually provided some positive feedback on yesterday’s post. If it wasn’t for these guys saying something I would still be having issue with the images displaying properly. For the record they may still be having issues but steps have been taken to improve the situation. This just proves how important it is to listen to your readers feedback and to act on it.

Can you give an example of where feedback has improved your blog?

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