America’s Economy Downturn affecting Canadian Businesses more than ever!

This week was extremely hard at work. I’m in Sales and Marketing just in case your haven’t gathered that yet. The market is so slow it’s very scary. I know our Prime Minister says what’s happening in America won’t affect our solid economy but it truly already is. Leads I had over the last few months have turned into dead ends and this has officially been the worse week in my career.

I sell extremely expensive products for Apparel Distribution Industry! I sell Apparel and Footwear Software Solutions that range anywhere from $300,000 – $500,000 dollars per company. We sell advanced ERP, e-Commerce and Warehouse Logistic Systems. What makes our product so unique is all our software is specifically design for the Apparel and Footwear Industry. Everything we do inside our package is designed from the Style, Color, Size and Width concept. We currently have around 60 on staff programmers and 2 locations. One location is in Canada and the other In USA. Canada is the head office and the International office is in the states.

I’m starting to worry if this keeps up I’ll find myself looking for a new job and when the economy is in a downturn it’s not necessarily a good time to look for a new sales and marketing job. Plus I don’t want another job I already have an awesome job! I work for a multi million dollar company that treats its employees fairly good.

I graduated from College about 1.5 years ago and have been working full time since. For one I don’t have enough experience to think about looking for anew job. I fear if I’m released from the company I’ll be stuck working at a shitty job like Wal-Mart or something similar.

I guess my goal over the next few weeks it to work harder, make more calls and reach more people! It’s really hard to stay motivated to make these calls seeing everyone I call is broke or on a spending freeze. Companies that were looking for software have now put off the projects until 2010 and that’s a long time from now!

I know I won’t be released from the company seeing we’re closing another deal right now with an Apparel company I got but the reality that America’s Economy is our economy is all to real this week!

Any suggestions on what I can do to get some leads?

Anyone know of any Apparel companies that are seeking new software?

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