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Great yet another wordpress update. I use to be so tired of doing these at one time. To be honest since I sold my “make money” blogs and started focusing on this blog updating wordpress hasn’t been such a pain. I wanted to take a few minutes this evening and discuss some cool ideals I have to help up build quality Page Rank with Google. know it’s important to build  a lot of backlinks to your blogs. My idea at this point would be to work smarter and not harder.

What is a back link submission Inspection?

We have to ensure the source in which we are submitting our content to is one providing us with a do follow link and two has been accepted and added into the Google index. The higher your page rank gets the higher your page rank backlinks will need to be in order to keep growing in a positive direction.

Do Follow Links

Don’t waste your time with No Follow communities. Always take the time t ensure the website is in fact a Do follow share the page rank juice neighborhood. I have the greatest suggestion and currently use it with my FireFox browser.

NODOFOLLOW Fire Fox Plug-in.

Google Approved

This is easy , common sense stuff everyone but it’s normally over looked! Add the Google Toolbar and make sure all your backlinks are coming from websites that are cached and added into the Google Search Index.

Google Toolbar

What we’re demonstrating here is the ability to control and manage the quality of our backlinks.

Continue implementing these suggestions and eventually you will have a high page rank and great SERP.

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