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Every once in a while I enjoy putting together a blog article relating and linking to all our active blog forum topics at blogengage. See the forum is becoming a new and happening attraction to many of our members and I stress this is a great way to promote your blogs. Please tale a moment and join us in discussions. Don’t be shy we don’t bite but do however remember to read the forums rules.

Can we talk about meta tags: This is actually turning out to be a very informative discussion regarding meta tags and the direct result from using them on our blogs. join in the discussion and let us know your opinion.

How can I increase traffic to my blog: This is always a huge questions in many of the forums I’m a member at. I find this topic is growing nicely and has much information we can all benefit from. Make sure to join in and share your opinion.

Quality or Quantity: This is always a big questions when it comes to blogging. We have left and right wingers it seems ad its almost like a political debate. It would be great to have more opinions on this as I think ti’s an important question to ask yourself as a new or advanced blogger.

Show of your blog: This thread is doing amazingly great. It’s a free opportunity to show off your blog to our forum members. I invite all my readers and blogging friends to post a reply. This is also a poll so don’t forget to provide your answer.

So what are you blogging about: I personally love this thread but it hasn’t gotten the attention I thought it would have. I’m always interested to know what other people are blogging about so if you want to share pleases top buy and let us know.

Do you use the 5 second rule: I started this conversation because I wanted to show our members it’s not always serious conversation and that we can also enjoy ourselves. This is an up in the air topic that is based on opinion. be sure to check out the replies it’s pretty funny LOL

Blog Engage purchases a dedicated server: This topic did pretty good but I did expect more questions or even statements about it in general. Perhaps you guys can take a few moments and see if it’s something you want to discuss. I was pretty excited about it.

What do think about the use of no follow: This is going to be a great topic if we can get some more replies happening. I think this is a heated debate in many forums and will soon be a great discussion inside our forum. Be sure to sign up and voice your opinion in this one. It’s about to get heated I can see it now.

What is your website worth: This is actually turning out to be a fun and interesting article. Even if the estimates are inaccurate it’s interesting to have an idea of what your website is in fact worth.

Blog Roll link Exchange: Our Link exchange topics are always active and a great way to find relative links toy our own blog. This is also a great way to build new readers for your blog.

Comment Exchange Request The comment exchange is actually pretty new to the forums. So far it’s working out great and the members are happy with the progress.

On Page Optimization: If you’re looking at ways to better your blog perhaps this toipic will help you reach your goals. Just another way to improve your SEO

Blog Comment Discussions: Wondering how to achieve the best comment or what’s actually involved with making a proper comment? Join this discussion thread and share your opinion.

What is better for SEO hyphens or underscores: So far this topic is a bit slow but if you have an opinion were more then happy to hear it. Let us know what you’re thinking.

Find out who’s not following you on Twitter: I found this website a few weeks back and shared it with our community. It’s a great way to lighten your follower load using twitter. This will should all people who didn’t follow you back.

Google Analytic Discussions: I love, live and swear by Google but perhaps you have a different opinion. Discuss Google analytics here in this thread with our members.

What’s your bounce rate like: Discuss your bounce rate on your blog and ways to improve it. many members habe weighed in and suggested great ways to keep your visitors on your blog.

Well I hope to see you visiting and joining our discussions.

As always don’t forget to vote for me @ blogengage and if interested you can join my social group.

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  1. Michael says:

    Those are really nice topics. Very informative for new and old bloggers alike.
    .-= Michael´s last blog ..All About the V Thing =-.

  2. CoolestGeek says:

    Very good article. A blog is a great thing to have if you’re focused on SEO.
    .-= CoolestGeek´s last blog ..The Rise of Alecks the Meerkat =-.

  3. Congrats with the forum, sounds like it’s doing pretty well. I hope all your efforts will pay off in the end, with extra traffic and more attention from Google.
    .-= Paul Hancox, copySnips´s last blog ..How To Eliminate Objections Using Headlines… =-.

    • bbrian017 says:

      The forums are doing good. I don’t spend as much time there as a should but it’s not the main focus of the site. To be honest if it wasn’t’ for the few members that enjoy it I would had shut it down long ago.

  4. Blaine Bullman says:

    A lot of interesting topics, im actually surprised at such valuable topics. I’ve been in a number of forums and seen the kind of stuff that gets published but this stuff is actually worth reading and getting involved in.

    I’ll have join in soon 🙂
    .-= Blaine Bullman´s last blog ..6 Benefits Of Social Networking =-.

    • bbrian017 says:

      I’m assuming your as busy as me blaine. take your time the forums aren’t going anywhere. It will be cool to have to join in and become active. I look forward toy our introduction post.


  1. Vote on this article at says:

    What’s happening in the Blog Forum…

    Every once in a while I enjoy putting together a blog article relating and linking to all our active blog forum topics at blogengage….

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