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When trying to use a forum to promote and advertise your blogs it’s of most importance to remain professional and to promote using the appropriate forums. Today I want to discuss how we can use the blog engage blog forum to our advantage when marketing or promoting our professional or personal blogs.

Firstly let me introduce you to the blog engage blog forum

The forum has two main sections.

The Blog Forum Index


The Blog Forum Portal


We offer many opportunities to market and promote your blogs inside our forums using the following forum categories.

Blog Marketing and Promotion

When done correctly this forum can provide a decent amount of web traffic. If you post the correct questions leaving a link back to your blog our visitors will normally follow. Hence building back links and generating web traffic.

Show us your blog

This is an amazing section to increase you web traffic. This is a free opportunity to introduce your blog to our members. Don’t be shy come and visit the forum to show off your log.

Blog Reviews

Asking for a blog review really is an amazing way to get traffic to your blog. In order for people to say what they think they have to visit your site.

Blog Engage Forum Chat


The Blog Engage Chat can be used to post your most recent blog articles or to simply say hello to our members. We sue to have the chat displayed on the forum index but found it took away from the main forum activities so we moved it to it’s own page.

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Enjoy and I hope to see you hanging in the blog forums with me.



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