Blog Engage Combats Pligg Spam Issues and Wins Hands Down

I know for a fact if the guys at pligg are reading this they are pissed off. I’m not sure if you read my latest article regarding my issues with the developers of pligg CMS software but needles to say it’s not been fun and has caused much distress within my lifestyle and online business.

If you’re an active member at blogengage you will know I have spent so much time and effort trying to combat and fight spam but yet the site continued to be dominated and control by spammers. Every morning I had the luxury of deleting spam submission after spam submission. This truly was a never ending process for me and my voluntary staff.

Little did I know pligg developed a module that would allow admin to moderate the first story submitted from all new members on the site. After finding out pligg was doing everything in their power to ensure I didn’t get a copy of this it turned out the exact same version of this 20 usd module was available for free at the social web cms forums. This is a branch of the pligg software.

So like any sane person I went and downloaded and to my surprise it worked amazingly. I installed it and since then our members haven’t been subject to any spam what so ever. This is a big step for blogengage allowing its members to enjoy a spam free community and blogging environment.

So I invite you all to sign up and start submitting to our site. I think you will find it more fun now that we have the ability to use the upcoming page spam free. Please also be social and vote for other bloggers. We need all the votes we can get. Simply submitting and not voting looks poorly on yourself so be active.


As always don’t forget to vote for me @ blogengage and if interested you can join my social group.

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  1. Doug Dillard says:

    Very good news Brian. Man… I still can’t believe those guys over at Pligg still won’t take your money. They are definitely not the smartest business owners on the planet.
    .-= Doug Dillard´s last blog ..Tuan Nguyen of 20DollarBanners Interview =-.

    • bbrian017 says:

      I agree they have a few lessons to learn on customer service! Don’t forget to vote for me Doug thanks so much.

  2. Vickster says:

    I’m happy to hear you don’t have to deal with such spam headaches anymore. We can only hope that pligg will learn and improve after the bad press they received. (We hope.)

    G.G. Blog Engage.
    .-= Vickster´s last blog ..Google vs Microsoft: Online Apps Throwdown =-.

  3. Asswass says:

    I never say a spam submission Brian but that is good news that now you can dedicate your time to other stuff.
    .-= Asswass´s last blog ..Rule #6 of Radical Marketing: Love and Respect your Clients (Post 11) =-.

  4. Benjamin Cip says:

    Congrats for defeating spam! It sounds like a daunting task for you to get rid of scam on your site… thanksfully we have Askismet to take care of those spam… except sometimes, they put legit comment into spam.. but it’s rare.
    .-= Benjamin Cip´s last blog ..What Online Money Making Opportunity is Right for You =-.

  5. Stefan says:

    Congratulation for finally defeating spam. It gives you such a headache and it just feels like there are more every day. Thanks to Akismet we don’t get so much spam published on our blogs any more but we still have to look through the spam folder since Askismet sometimes mark legitimate comments as spam.
    .-= Stefan´s last blog ..Build Backlinks With Article Directories =-.

    • bbrian017 says:

      God my wordpress spam is nothing compared to what I was getting at blogengage. I still heave to deal with it and delete it but the users never have to see it and that’s the benefit!

  6. Fuck Blogcatalog says:

    Dude to be honest I don’t feel for you and I will tell you why. Like life you know the friend that treats you like shit but you hang with them. Dude check my sign up date I reached out to LONG ago we could of owned a million dollar site by now,but often it’s every blogger for himself or we see people sucking up to and dealing with the WRONG people I wasted a week f*cking with that pligg CLOWN WASTED MY TIME
    Now for the second time we will see if you realize who your friends are and they won’t leave you this time.
    Watch we have a nice cool thing going everyone is coming together soon it will be war 🙂 Get your cannons ready Brother
    this isn’t a game I’m not going to watch some lame ass f8ck face make millions off bloggers at lame ass blogcatalog without all of going out like fighters
    I know who’s who it only takes a small team if you have the right people and WE have that :)I don’t want Blogengage which I love I want something bigger but I’m going to help u blast anyone in your way PEACE
    Damn I see your comments all over the Place 🙂 Just remember like I do who made US we did :)Peace Grasshopper
    .-= Fuck Blogcatalog´s last blog ..A real Bronx tale a time for WAR =-.

    • bbrian017 says:

      It doesn’t surprise me that they didn’t help much. I learned my lesson when I got banned! I’ve managed without them for the last 1.5 years I can continue from here on out.

  7. Michael says:

    So this is the module you’ve said you got it for free. Pretty sure Pligg staff are jealous right now 🙂
    .-= Michael´s last blog ..All About the V Thing =-.

  8. Nick Ramsay says:

    I think you’re talking about my Submission Approval module. I made that out of necessity as I was getting hit with spam just as bad on JapanSoc. Unfortunately, while the module keeps your site spam free, it just moves the spam into your email box instead. I ended up taking it to the next level by replacing site registration with RPX, forcing new users to use either Twitter, Google, Facebook or other provider, therefore requiring them to have a legitimate account on one of those sites. That cut spam down to around 5 posts a day, usually all from the same person so easily “killspammed”.

    It was too awkward for me to put RPX in a SWCMS module, but I’ll definitely make a HotaruCMS plugin for it before I port JapanSoc across. Maybe BlogEngage will follow, eh? 😉
    .-= Nick Ramsay´s last blog ..Hotaru CMS 0.5 Alpha Released =-.

    • bbrian017 says:

      Nick your module has saved me so much time. I was amazed the length pligg was going to ensure I didn’t get the module and then how ironic I found it made from you for free over at social web cms, I swear things happen for a reason and life and this is one of those examples.

      This HotaruCMS project you’re working will it also be coming with a pligg converter? If so I should be adding you to this topic,

      I’m ranking really well for keyword your site would be interesting in.

      If I add you to that topic would your link be as follows?

      Let me know Because right now that topic is ranking for the following, pligg converters, leave pligg, change from pligg, replace pligg, software like pligg so I think it’s valuable to have your link in that article with social web cms and drigg.

      let me know ok.

      Thanks so much that module has saved my website. You’re right my e-mail has filled up but it’s so worth my users not having to see that crap!

      • Nick Ramsay says:

        Here you go, a Pligg Importer, and if you check out the demo, you can see I’ve used it to import an old JapanSoc database.

        Great, would love to be included in that article. You have the right link.
        .-= Nick Ramsay´s last blog ..Hotaru CMS 0.5 Alpha Released =-.

  9. Gerardine says:

    I wonder if the spammers get any sort of seo benefit from this. Isn’t Google smart enough to see the spam nature of their linkbuilding efforts?
    .-= Gerardine´s last blog ..Gina Carano in “Knockout” =-.


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