Blog Engage Launches with an updated template

I’m not sure how many of my readers are members at blogengage but if you visited in the last 24 hours you may have noticed things looked and felt a lot cleaner. The website has undergone an update to the latest version of pligg 1.0 and has many new features.

The website also has a template upgrade allowing for small bug fixes and increase in functionality. Some of the changes are as follows,

Friends List

When on your own profile page you will now see the image of all your added friends.



Blog Engage now allows and in fact encourages groups to help you promote your articles. This will help not only internally for blogengage but also at other social network website such as digg, Stumbleupon, mix etc…


Advanced Search

The ability to search comments, stories and or tags has now become a reality. With the new pligg 1.0 comes a much more detailed search program allowing our members to find exactly what it is they need and easier than ever.


Wait we have more news

This isn’t the last update blogengage will be getting. We have signed and purchased a license deal for 2 yes that’s two more templates with unique designs. So in the near future keep your eye you as blogengage will be looking pretty different. The new upgrade and look it temporary.

Well I hope you like the new look and we hope to see you voting for each other. As always if you have a moment please vote for my articles at blogengage.


What do you think about the new look?

Are you excited to see what the next to designs will look like?

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