Blogging in advance, what are your thoughts?

Blogging has always been on the side burner for me. It’s not necessarily something I love to do but enjoy once in a while as a pass time. See I don’t have the time to blog everyday. I have many things going on that take up the majority of my time. I have a full time career and approximately 8 other websites I manage and maintain.

Yesterday I ran into a pretty new blog written by Deneil Merritt. I was reading his content and noticed he was doing some really cool things with his blog that I wanted to share with my readers. Time is my biggest issue and from reading his blog I learned to have an article released every day I don’t necessarily have to blog everyday. Deneil writes his article in advanced and releases them as he wants using a time stamp options.

Using this option here at seomkt will allow me to blog on the weekends writing 5 articles and releasing them individually Monday to Friday providing my readers with new an fresh content. This is really exciting for me because I have never had a consistent blog and if things work out perhaps I will for the first time.

Some thing else I noticed from Deneil is he always replies to his comments so I’m going to make note of this and do my best to engage with my readers. Right now I reply to 50% of the comments left on my blog and soon it will be 100%.

What‘s your thought on this plug-in?

Do you find reading articles that have been written from the weekend take away from originality?


Do you think it’s better than having nothing to read?

Let me know your thoughts on this idea.



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  1. bbrian017 says:

    Hi Randy thanks for stopping by and commenting. I thought it would be hard to come up with 5 articles in one writing sessions but here’s the real deal.

    Wait until you feel energetic and excited to write. Once you have these feelings you can just let it rip! Get 4 or 5 ideals and off you go. I find reading other peoples blogs helps a lot! This article itself was inspired from Deneil.

    I sat down today and did the next 4 articles in less then 2 hours! I was excited to blog I had ideals so I went at it.
    .-= bbrian017´s last blog ..Do You Like Blogging Or Just Tweeting? =-.

  2. gas card says:

    Yeah I can see why blogging is not the main thing in your life. You have a lot on your plate there. Its nice that you were able to learn an effective writing strategy from Deneil. In my opinion it would be a bit tough for me to write out 5 articles in just a weekend, that’s just me though. I tend to get a bit of writers block.


  3. johny2shoes says:

    after reading this it got my brain working overtime. i to find it hard to be consistant with posting on my blog. some days i may post 2, even 3 times, then i may not get the time to post for a day or 2, when realy what i should be doing is posting once, and saving the other one or two or even schedule them, and if i get the urge to write another post the next day i can just schedule that, then there would allways be atleast a new post everyday.

  4. bbrian017 says:

    johny2shoes I love your name! FYI this blogging in advance thing has really worked well for me over the last 2 days. I already have an article per day coming until Saturday. I’ll most likely write 2 more today and will be working this weekend towards the next weeks articles.

    I think ti’s beneficial for everyone to blog like this especially if your strapped for time like I am.
    .-= bbrian017´s last blog ..The Wisdom of Twitter Slideshow =-.

  5. bbrian017 says:

    Hi Michael thanks for stopping by and commenting! Part of my new routine here at seomkt is to also reply to all my comments. This is something I was really bad for and will start doing religiously.

    So far the blogging in advance this is really working for me. I really didn’t know so many people actually did this.

    .-= bbrian017´s last blog ..Rare Family Photos Of Michael Jackson =-.

  6. I think blogging in advance is a great idea. I had the same problem on my own blog, where I would be very inconsistent in writing blog posts due to the time constraints of my life during the week. So I have been looking into writing a few posts in advance and just scheduling them to publish every other day. I’m glad to see it’s working out well for you because that inspires me to actually go and do this on my own blog as well. -Michael

  7. Deneil Merritt says:

    I am happy my article helped you and your readers.
    .-= Deneil Merritt´s last blog ..June 2009 Income Report =-.

  8. bbrian017 says:

    Deneil thanks for everything. I learned lots from reading your last 10 articles it’s been awesome. You have inspired my next few articles.
    .-= bbrian017´s last blog ..Guitar String Bracelet Charity Project =-.

  9. David Dunn says:

    I tend to find that writing my blog posts in advance not only means that I will be posting new posts more often but I also find that I’m not trying to rush an article out doing it this way.

    I used to blog in advance with some of my previous blogs and reading this post has reminded me that doing my blog posts in advance is definitely the way forward 🙂

    .-= David Dunn´s last blog ..Making Money Online =-.

  10. bbrian017 says:

    Hi David,

    I’m glad to see everything is working out and you have started your blog again. I was excited to see you back in the scene when you submitted over at blog engage. Blogging in advance is amazing I’m surprised I over looked this feature.

    Don’t forget to head on over to blogengage and vote for me!


    .-= bbrian017´s last blog ..7 Days 7 Colours Thailand | Thailand Art Photography =-.

  11. Jake says:

    I think this is a great tactic. I, too, run into this problem a lot. I just never have the time to write new articles, so having some on the back burner to post every day is definitely useful.
    .-= Jake´s last blog ..Interview with New Web 2.0 Web Conferencing Tool Fuze Meeting =-.

  12. bbrian017 says:

    Hey Jake Thanks for stopping by and posting your experience with this writing strategy. It seems to be positive for all bloggers visiting my blog and commenting.

    Hey make sure to take a moment and vote for me over at blogengage!


    .-= bbrian017´s last blog ..How to insert post title in Feedburner email’s subject field =-.

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