Blogging in advance, what are your thoughts?

Blogging has always been on the side burner for me. It’s not necessarily something I love to do but enjoy once in a while as a pass time. See I don’t have the time to blog everyday. I have many things going on that take up the majority of my time. I have a full time career and approximately 8 other websites I manage and maintain.

Yesterday I ran into a pretty new blog written by Deneil Merritt. I was reading his content and noticed he was doing some really cool things with his blog that I wanted to share with my readers. Time is my biggest issue and from reading his blog I learned to have an article released every day I don’t necessarily have to blog everyday. Deneil writes his article in advanced and releases them as he wants using a time stamp options.

Using this option here at seomkt will allow me to blog on the weekends writing 5 articles and releasing them individually Monday to Friday providing my readers with new an fresh content. This is really exciting for me because I have never had a consistent blog and if things work out perhaps I will for the first time.

Some thing else I noticed from Deneil is he always replies to his comments so I’m going to make note of this and do my best to engage with my readers. Right now I reply to 50% of the comments left on my blog and soon it will be 100%.

What‘s your thought on this plug-in?

Do you find reading articles that have been written from the weekend take away from originality?


Do you think it’s better than having nothing to read?

Let me know your thoughts on this idea.



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