Blogging Lesson 101 Be Cool

To date I’ve learned many things regarding the blogosphere and how to act with your peers. Lessons learned from far and near remind me daily of who I am and where I came from.

I worked hard to get where I am today! I have many websites and not all of them are blogs. I own medium sized social networks for bloggers that I manage and interact with daily.

Creating a presence is like building a brand. Consider yourself as a brand online and everywhere you go and everything you do it affects your character and who you are as an individual.

Some things you do others may not agree with. Don’t let this discourage you from doing what you want. I don’t let anyone stand in my way and either should you? I’m not saying you should instantly become an asshole but I am saying stick up for yourself and don’t get pushed around.

The medians you’re going to use to market will determine the type of website you will create. Advertising and marketing in places with many spammers or scammers can potentially lead to a negative affect on your websites or blogs.

Be careful who you hang around with during these times. If you hang with the wrong crowd you will be labeled as an individual equal to their caliber of class. I tend to make less and less friends as the days pass. This ensures the people I do instill trust in can be accountable and dependent.

In general the best lesson I’ve learned is when marketing and advertising online we have no limitations set to us. The web seems so big but after time passes you realize it’s not that big at all… it’s even safe to say the web is small. Make your decisions wisely as anything you do online in a public community cannot be taken back.

The lesson is think twice and be cool.

Don’t make a fool of yourself to prove your right. Sometimes saying nothing is better than saying anything at all.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not! Act like yourself. Don’t put up a front and create an idea of yourself that is cooler than all others around you. Treat other members and bloggers with respect and they will treat you the same.

The morale of the story today is as follow,

  • Don’t be someone your not
  • Treat others with respect
  • Create a positive brand about yourself and your blog
  • Think twice before you act



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