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Blog commenting has grown into an extraordinary large marketing median for many bloggers. Determining the proper steps to ensure you archive the highest return from your comment takes practice and dedication. It’s almost like we have a code of conduct when it comes to blog commenting.

You Comment I Follow


Many bloggers live by these words.  I personally cannot promise anything of that nature. I don’t have the dedicated time to commit to my blog. I run a large social networking website for bloggers and that takes up all my commenting time. What we want to understand today is what it takes in order to provide value comments that will build relationships and increase the web traffic generated to our own blogs.

Read The Article – I’m really surprised with the amount of bloggers that simply post on an article without reading the entire post. It’s of most importance to read what the blogger is writing. You have to take a moment, stop and take it all in. Trust me you don’t want to be that guy who doesn’t read. We know who you are and we can tell from your commenting style.

Comments of Value – Don’t think any of the following comments will get you followers or traffic.

Sweet thanks man I’ll visit again

Great stuff will visit again

Keep it up man

Subscribe to comment replies – Make sure you show the blogger you care about your comment. People are going to have something to say about your comment specially when it’s a personal opinion.

Take all replies with a grain of salt – Remember your on another bloggers blog and respect should be given at all times. No matter if you agree or disagree it’s not the point. Respect the blogger as if they have invited you into their home and you’re having a cup of tea.

Compliment the blogger – It’s always nice to be told you’re doing something right. When you read a great article be sure to let the blogger know. On the same note don’t be shy to provide constructive criticism as well.

Blog commenting if fragile. You don’t want to seem over zealous or you might be pushed away and not accepted. Being overbearing at first can come of as “rude” or a “know it all”. These are the last things you want other bloggers thinking about you.


How do you reply to comments or blog  articles?
Do you focus on quality comment or quantity?
Do you subscribe to replies or simply take off?

Please post a comment and let me know!



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