Building a blog is like building a brand. How to increase your brand awareness

Many people, including myself think it’s easy to start a blog. In fact we might be right in general. Pay 5 dollars a month, download and install wordpress and you have yourself a blog. So in general this is true to some point and creating a blog can be relatively easy. At this point you start blogging and article after article you feel something’s missing. You eventually notice your blogging to yourself, there’s no one reading and no one even knows about your blog. Yes we are all alone and all by ourselves!

Marketing and Promoting your blog is when you realize this might not be as simple as paying for hosting and installing wordpress. Much work goes into the marketing and promotion of ones blog. Some go as far to say it’s the process of branding an idea or concept you would like to portray from your reader’s perspective.

Developing relationships, social networking and other marketing/promotion activates can help you achieve this branding goal. This can be done using the many available social networks, webmaster forums and yes PPC advertising. The majority of your marketing and promotional efforts will cost little money especially if you stay away from the PPC advertising which I never do by the way.

Let’s discuss the understanding and concept behind creating a brand. In order to this we have to understand what a brand actually is. I did some research in order to find the most descriptive and to the point definition of a brand and I found a great example but edited to meet what I think a brand is. “A brand is a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer regarding a specific image, product, service or symbol”

How do we apply this to our blog?

Creating a Brand for your blog is relatively easy. I will use SeoMkt for an example on how I have been branding my blog.

In our case the consumer can be considered as the reader. You know that person coming to visit your blog to post a comment on your latest article? Well he’s/She’s your consumer and in general is a visiting customer. The brand you’re creating should apply to that reader. You can’t target all readers the same if this were so we would all be extremely successful. You have to market to the largest group that has the most similar characteristics and or has other things in common such as Age, Gender, Income, Race, Employment/Occupation and more. To have a better understanding or idea on how to select your target market take a quick look at an article I wrote some time ago regarding Identifying and selecting your target market.

In general the perception you get from SeoMkt is the idea of belief that all content will be unique, original and written to the best of my ability. You expect the content to be consistent and to remain on topic in which are relative to Marketing and SEO. It’s easy to see how the reader would automatically pick up on the brand. The majority of my posts are regarding SEO and the rest are all pointed towards marketing.

Now that we have a general understanding of how to apply a brand to a blog we should look at some ways to help increase that brand awareness. I have many ways in which brand awareness can be marketed and promoted. Remember always try to stay relevant because if you sway away from that brand your readers will easily get confused and start questioning your activities.

Top WebMaster Forums
– Using Webmaster forums to generate extra traffic works great but taking advantage of specific categories and forums to market a brand is even better! Stay specific and relative. If your blog is about Marketing and Promotion try to stay away from the forums that don’t relate to those topics.

Blog Commenting -Comment on blogs that are similar to yours! Don’t follow my example here simply because I comment on many off topic blogs! I own blogengage and this in it self is the main reason you see me commenting on off topic blogs. Don’t get me wrong so can you but to be more targeted and to benefit from the “you comment I follow and comment” I would suggest only commenting on relative blogs. See I simply add the blogengage url unless it’s relevant then I will add my SeoMkt blog.

Purchasing Relative links – Look for bloggers that are willing to sell blog roll links on relative blogs. Again staying in your niche will allow you to build your brand! When readers visit your site they are assuming it’s going to be on topic! There’s nothing worse then clicking a link on a webmaster blog linking you to a an Arts and Crafts site!

Blog Directories – This is an amazing opportunity to demonstrate and market your brand awareness. The majority of blog directories will have targeted categories so ensure you pick the right one.

PPC Advertising – I don’t support this all that much but it’s obviously affective. You have the ability to select your own keywords which allows you to develop a brand awareness in the consumer s eyes before they even visit your site! I would suggest asking around in some major webmaster forums regarding targeted keywords to use when using PPC.

Best of luck, remember if you have any advice, questions or suggestions don’t be shy!

Brian B

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