What to consider when writing a blog article

I have written many articles in my time. I’m not boosting I know where my writing skills are at lol.  In general  what does one need to consider when writing a blog article? Every time I write I try to add my own special  uniqueness. Considering I’m Continue Reading →

Where have all the bloggers gone?

Seems these days we have less and less bloggers around the community. Over the past few days I was going and moderating all the links that lead to dead blogs over at Blog Engage and to my surprise I ran into a large amount of dead and non existent blogs. Over 30 Continue Reading →

SEO, Google Indexing, Organic Traffic and Blog Traffic Experiment

Over the past few weeks I have been writing articles including very targeted and specific keywords. The main goal in this organic traffic experiment is to generate a nice solid organic traffic flow from Google to my blog. The keywords I’m focusing on in general Continue Reading →

Top SEO Articles regarding Organic Traffic Resources

Sometimes taking a step back and looking at other concept regarding Organic Traffic is a good thing. There are many different concepts and ideals on how to increase your Google, Msn and Yahoo traffic and for this reason we will look at the Top 10 Article on the Continue Reading →

SEO and Targeting Keywords to Increase Organic Traffic

When writing articles on your blog try to hyperlink to other articles on your blog that are related to the topic at hand! Ensure the hyper links have Targeted Keywords to those specific articles as well. For example this topic today I will link to a few articles Continue Reading →