Blog Traffic

How to reach out to new blog readers

Getting your message out to a new audience can be very difficult. In most large scale situations it can cost a large sum of money per year. If your like me you have a smaller operation and need to find resources that are free. Thankfully my social network Blog Continue Reading →

Front Page Wednesday at Blog Engage

Today is the start of a new idea. Today is the start of a great idea that’s going to bring traffic, comments and new readers to our blogs. I would like to encourage all my readers and blog engage members to participate with me. The goal is easy but will require Continue Reading →

Increase your blog traffic

When I first started blogging I didn’t think much about comments or blog traffic. I was mainly concerned about the look of my website and the credibility of my content. After weeks of blogging I started marketing my website within social communities such Continue Reading →

Determining where to market your blog

I visited twitter today and I seen @robertbravery post a message re tweeting @EricaMueller post regarding marketing her blog and how to determine where to spend the majority of your time. I guess the main concern here is wasting our time marketing in any given Continue Reading →

Two Years Later and the Doors Close

After two great years of open and public registration I have finally made the decision to close our doors and make Blog Engage a private invitation only website. This decision is due to the high volume of poor quality blogs, spam submissions and comments. Overall Continue Reading →