Managing a Social Network

I’ve never stopped to think how much would be involved with owning and managing a social network. I simply had the idea and started to develop it. It was funny because I bought the domain name and then made the site. I knew what software I wanted I didn’t Continue Reading →

Criticism and Feedback

As a blogger we’re always trying to improve the readers experience and visit to our blogs. We do this by adding plug-ins, new functionality and providing quality content to read. When someone offers a suggestion, criticism or provides us with support feedback Continue Reading →

How to qualify your sales leads

When marketing or selling products you must do you best to save time and maximize your return on investment. It sounds easy but in reality this process is extremely hard. To successfully qualify your prospects you have to understand their needs. Understanding your Continue Reading →

So I deleted my Blog Catalog Blog Submissions

Look… I love Blog Catalog but to be frank it’s out ranking me in the major search engines with my articles with my keywords. For the past 6 months I’ve been sucking it up and enjoying the referrals but that’s enough for me. I went and removed all my Continue Reading →

How to stop spam on your websites

Have you ever had to deal with unlimited amounts of spam submissions? This can include Comment Spam and Story Submission Spam. I think the moral of the story here is how do we stop the spam? The majority of spam these days is automated, non human interaction using Continue Reading →