How to reach out to new blog readers

Getting your message out to a new audience can be very difficult. In most large scale situations it can cost a large sum of money per year. If your like me you have a smaller operation and need to find resources that are free. Thankfully my social network Blog Continue Reading →

Get more from your blog marketing efforts

Inspired by this weeks writing challenge my article demonstrates how to get more out of your current marketing efforts. Social media marketing has come a long way and when used properly you can earn more and generate more traffic to your blog. Twitter: Networking Continue Reading →

Using Blog Engage to Market and Promote

Developing your blog takes much time and dedication. Creating unique content on a daily basis can be an overwhelming task for even the most advanced bloggers. We have so many responsibilities from design, development, structure and the work continues to grow as Continue Reading →

The Importance of Marketing! And what to do with it!

Hey I’m just on a roll today. I think I actually found something I really enjoy posting about and its marketing. Who would have ever thought considering I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing! In this blog we will be discussing the importance Continue Reading →

Blog Engage Launches Top Engaged on the Year Contest

Yesterday I officially started the blog Engage Top Engaged contest that awards the top three voted or most liked article on the website. This contest will run until New Years Eve and the winners will awarded their prizes. I’ve gotten so many sponsors so far Continue Reading →