FAQ PAL tutorials and resources for webmasters, developers, coders and surfers

FAQ PAL is our spotlight today here on my SEO and Marketing Blog. A good friend of mine has recently launched a new look and feel to his website and I wanted to take a moment and share it with all my readers. I’ve worked with Darrell regarding my pligg sites Continue Reading →

Big changes busy day today

I was going to be blogging about my Toronto Trip/Vacation but I’m actually really busy moving servers. I have about 8 sites I need to move by end of day so I get get a pro rated refund on my other Virtual Dedicated Sever. I was told if I could move all my Continue Reading →

The Process of Developing a New Blog Article

As a new blogger I can easily say coming up with new content daily and ensuring it’s unique to my readers proves to be extremely challenging. The process in which I use to develop and produce these ideas is similar to the process used by many fortune 500 companies Continue Reading →

Create unique blog content daily with these great tips

Writing your next blog article is never easy. Coming up with unique ideas can become an over whelming and repetitive task. Creating the flow, structure and overall organizational pattern in which your going to do things never ends. All bloggers are created differently Continue Reading →