How to get past the gatekeeper or secretary

When trying to make a living from cold call sales you will soon learn that having a love hate relationship with administrative secretaries or gatekeepers will be part of your every day life. I’ve been in the industry now for almost 4 years and to date Continue Reading →

Increase your sales with more cold calls

No matter how you look at sales in the end it’s all a numbers game. The more calls you make the more sales leads your going to get. Sometimes picking up the phone seems hard but you have to move past this moment and continue on with your cold call sales. Remaining Continue Reading →

How to become a successful salesperson

In order to be successful in sales you have be committed and dedicated to your job. The majority of successful sales people are self motivated and enthusiastic about the products or services in which they are selling. In some cases success is driven by other Continue Reading →

Building relationships during the sales and prospecting process

In today’s article I wanted to touch base and discuss some more marketing and sales material. Now I decided this would be an appropriate topic seeing many sales people underestimate the raw true power or marketing and prospecting. In this article I will discuss Continue Reading →

Listening and understanding your prospects

I wanted to touch base somewhat regarding sales and marketing seeing it’s been sometime since our last article on this specific topic. I’m a young guy relatively and as I grow within my field I find and learn new things that help me become a better Continue Reading →