The difference between failure and success!

Today I will discuss with you ways in which you can increase your success rate when launching a new Website, Product or Service! This post will be the simple basics and will start your in the right direction to have success and prosper from your projects. Understanding Continue Reading →

How to qualify your sales leads

When marketing or selling products you must do you best to save time and maximize your return on investment. It sounds easy but in reality this process is extremely hard. To successfully qualify your prospects you have to understand their needs. Understanding your Continue Reading →

Features Advantages and Benefits, FAB’s for Blogging

With every Product or Service you offer as a business or individual comes these three attributes. FAB’s allow you to maintain a competitive advantage over similar products or services in your marketplace.  Thus allowing you to maintain the majority of market Continue Reading →

Understanding the needs of your prospects

When determining what the needs are of any prospect you have to do extensive but limited research. This means you have to find detailed information regarding the prospect but you might not need as much as you think. You simply need to finds the important facts Continue Reading →

Take a break from those cold calls

Over the past week I’ve been re thinking my strategy on Cold Call Sales Calls. Lets face it nothing works as well as a cold call when trying to sell a product but it doesn’t always work for everyone and definitely not all the time. Sometimes a person or company Continue Reading →