Positive Page Rank Growth

I’m very weak and untalented when it comes to graphic design. Creating images is simply not my thing. I’m busy coding and marketing so I don’t have time for the images and like I said I just suck at dong them. I was lucky enough to meet a good Continue Reading →

My first blog in advance article!

I really think this blog in advance thing is going to workout for me! I can now set aside the proper amount of time to blog in advance and when I have time I can still blog in between my normally scheduled releases. I’m thinking the hardest part now will be the Continue Reading →

Why SEO is so confusing and misleading

The other day I was in my favorite webmaster forum and started a thread regarding SEO, Specifically Google and why Social Networking Websites even get cached seeing the majority of content hosted on their website is duplicate and non unique. Let’s take Continue Reading →

SEO, Google Indexing, Organic Traffic and Blog Traffic Experiment

Over the past few weeks I have been writing articles including very targeted and specific keywords. The main goal in this organic traffic experiment is to generate a nice solid organic traffic flow from Google to my blog. The keywords I’m focusing on in general Continue Reading →

Top SEO Articles regarding Organic Traffic Resources

Sometimes taking a step back and looking at other concept regarding Organic Traffic is a good thing. There are many different concepts and ideals on how to increase your Google, Msn and Yahoo traffic and for this reason we will look at the Top 10 Article on the Continue Reading →