It’s nothing unique, It’s called hard work

Engaging with other bloggers is easier said than done. For example it’s easy to say you will follow your visitors back to their blogs and comment but actually doing it is much harder then most think. Over the past two weeks I have literally forced myself Continue Reading →

Learn and grow with social media

I’m very happy to announce that the blog engage weekly word challenge is back. Anyone interested in joining us simply follow the above link and read over how it works. From the moment we awake until we go to bed our lives are surrounded and filled by this Continue Reading →

Front Page Wednesday at Blog Engage

I was just reminded on twitter by YesVictory that today is our front page Wednesday. Sorry I totally forgot I’m pretty sick right now and spent the last 48 hours in bed trying to get better. I really hate hate cold and congestion. How does it work? Every Continue Reading →

Hey CEO cheap SEO Marketing is not for you

Many CEO’s and Presidents think SEO Marketing is a joke and by investing as little as possible to accomplish these goals shows just that. Little do these large corporations know that paying little also reflects back on the quality of service they get. Being Continue Reading →

I’m working on my e-book everyone

I thought it would be a good idea to bring everyone up to date on my e-book and the progress I’ve had to date. So far it’s coming a long well. I still have a lot to go and right now it’s sitting at 5 pages in length. I’m not even done half Continue Reading →