Converting New Readers or Taping New Markets

Increasing the number of blog readers can be accomplished using three main factors. One is to attract the competitors readers, two is to enter new segments and three converting non readers. Understanding how to take advantage of all three area’s at the same time will increase your readership and blogging popularity.

Attract your competitors readers

It’s obvious this is the most beneficial method to increasing your readership for your blog. See the cool thing about blogging is even if you gain you competitors readers they aren’t doing any worse off then when they started. The reader can read many blogs. Unlike a typical consumer when a product has satisfied a need there is no longer a need. With blogging the reader can read many blogs.

  • Blog Comments
  • Get on the Top Commenter’s plug-in
  • Use keyword Filled Titles for comment luv
  • Reply to other bloggers comments on an article

Enter New Market Segments

Simply said you can start blogging about other unrelated topics. This could potentially destroy your blog readership or improve it. See you increase your market share but the original readers may not agree or have an interest in your diversified markets or topics. This should be done with caution and research. Test market your customers and see what the consensus is.

  • Different Topics
  • Different Style of Writing
  • Different Attitude

Convert non users

Using this method you will need to do offline marketing. You would start promoting your blog to non blog readers. This market is not touched and currently does not read of follow blogs. This would normally include friends, students, or any other individual.

  • Friends
  • Non Blog Readers
  • News Paper Readers (shoudl be reading blogs)

Blogging is difficult and requires perseverance and determination. Understanding how to build and grow your blog is of most importance to becoming successful. Yes you set your own personal expectation on what is successful but to continuously grow these three techniques are needed.


Do you sue any of these methods?
How do you gain new readers or tap into new markets?

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