Create the best possible brand image for your blog

When building your blog there’s many aspects you should take into consideration. In general to properly market and build your blog all successful bloggers will follow a specific guideline. Bloggers tend to treat their blogs as a business. They set expectations for growth and set the stages for marketing and branding..

The guidelines I speak about are considered  to be the fundamental foundation to any bloggers success. We determine who we are tomorrow today. We use these guidelines to set a standard. This can include things such as customer service, product guarantees, or anything other promise that satisfies your customer or in our case reader.

Public Relations

Do you best to ensure you reply or respond to all questions you get regarding your blog. Don’t push it off and ignore the reader’s request. It’s always in your best interest to address all situations. This also applies to on and off your blog issues. Depending on what you want your brand to be like will determine how literal (or rude) you can be.

Blogging Ethics

Some bloggers will bash other bloggers in public. I don’t recommend doing this but sometimes it happens. Try to be correct about your information during these times. It’s not good being that guy who calls out asshole but gets proven wrong in the end. This may have happened to me in some situations but nothing big.

I have been known to be incorrect at times. 🙂

Brand Image

Everything you do will affect your brand image. Depending on what your expectations are for this brand will determine what your attitude is online. The content of your blog will also affect your brand. If you write consistently with great content you gain authority. As your blog grows and your readers grow you will eventually create a strong and well branded Blog.

Social Interaction

This part is so important! Don’t be all talk and no action! Socially Engage with the bloggers you follow. You don’t have to do it every day or at every site but take the time and submit some articles somewhere at some given point. Be a good friend and market your reader’s blogs every so often.


What are some of he things you take into consideration when building your blog brand image?
Have you ever taken any of these in consideration?

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