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Writing your next blog article is never easy. Coming up with unique ideas can become an over whelming and repetitive task. Creating the flow, structure and overall organizational pattern in which your going to do things never ends. All bloggers are created differently but equally. We see things in a different light and if given any related task we’ll perhaps do it differently but still get the job done.

This point is even if we write about similar topics the reader will still have something unique to read about. The reader will be hearing the story from our perspective, the witter. The reasoning this is good to note helps us understand getting ideas from other bloggers or their artifice is a great idea. You will have your personal opinion and perhaps it Will be completely different making your article increasingly unique.

Within this article I thought it would only be appropriate to offer some blog website for my readers. In order to have interesting and unique ideas you must read interesting and unique blogs. I’m going t share some of the blog I have been following lately I’m sure you will get a lot from them. Be sure to stop bye read a few article and post some comments.

Here’s The Blogs I’m reading. (no specific order)

  • PotPolitics
  • Deneil Merritt
  • Tycon Blogger
  • Tech Buoy
  • Micheal Aulia

Please note the idea here it not to literally steal the bloggers article. What we want to do is read, comment and find something unique withing all this activity and write about it on our blog. Something will get your interest if you focus on interacting with other bloggers and you will always have something original and unique to write about.

Just from visiting these blogs alone and reader what the commenter’s are saying will bring up new and fresh ideas regarding things you can blog about.

What about Webmaster forums?

Yes it’s true. Blogs aren’t the only way to come up with original and unique blog article. I also get many fresh and innovative idea when visiting my favorite webmaster forums. I ind the best forums to get ideas from so fart is the warrior forum. It’s filled with mature and active webmasters posting original content daily. Perhaps it’s also appropriate to list some of my favorite webmaster forums in case you’re not familiar with them all.

Favorite Webmaster Forums (no specific order)

  • Digital Point Forums
  • Blog Engage Blog Forums (Bloggers Only)

Be sure to check out all these resources I’m promising you ideas will start flowing! You will never have an issue with writing blog articles again. Reading blogs and webmasters forums is like Advil for headaches. It’s a must do for me and most likely for you.

Do you have any other suggestion for our reader regarding ways to come up with fresh and exciting blog articles? Where do you get your ideas from? What blogs are you following and what webmaster forums are you on? Let me know I’m up for the conversation and would love some comments.

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Thanks everyone


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