Creating Unique Content on Social Networking Websites – Part 2

Yesterday I posted an article regarding the creation of unique content when submitting your article to Social Networking Websites and today I already have proof this is an amazing way to increase your overall organic traffic flow from the major Search Engines. I create three topics the original was posted here on my blog and I submitted the other 2 on over at blog engage and the other at digg.

This morning I made a quick search using my friend Google and I was happy to see the same article in the Top four spots on Google leading the exact same article, this one.

Use the following search terms over at Google and look at the results. “Increase organic traffic flow” The first result is the submission I added at blog engage. As you can clearly see Google is picking up the submitted content as original and unique to the blog engage website! The forth link will lead directly to my blog here and again showing it as unique and original content.

From this unique content idea I have developed 2 very unique back links to the same article but again in this case Google thinks they are both unique. We all know it’s the same link in the end that I’m trying to point too! Overall this will help build up my organic traffic flow and increase the chances seomkt will be found using many search terms but again from the same article.

So what are you waiting for? Take the Unique Content challenge and increase your organic traffic flow while you still can. I’m not too sure why the digg article isn’t cached as of yet I’m assuming its bad luck I mean lets face it Google isn’t perfect! I’m also thinking it’s because the title and content were so unique I would have to search different keywords.

Well I hope my readers got something from this! Simply submitting the same content to social networking websites hurts your Google SERP so try to be more unique and original with the topic title and content! Check me out for taking a few moments I have 2 organic links coming back to my blog and it’s the same article!



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