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When working in Marketing and Sales it’s of most importance to have the best possible tools to help you achieve your sales goals. Simply working with Microsoft tools such as word processors and excel documents will not be sufficient.

With all honesty if you don’t’ have access to some sort of Sales CRM software I would suggest you start bugging your Marketing Managers to bring this issue up in management meetings so you can have the proper tools when Marketing your products.

Much functionality comes with CRM Applications regarding Sales and Marketing. Today we will take a close look at the new development within .NET that FDM4 International has  released. For detailed information and functionality please see the FDM4 International CRM Application and Information page.

The reason I’m writing about this specific CRM and Sales Force Software is because our company has purchased and is currently running this software for our entire sales department.

Lets start off with discussing the Sales Management Functionality. When you lead a Sales and Marketing team you need functionality that will allow you to track and monitor your employees or teams productivity. Easy access to daily calls and activity is a must for all Marketing and sales managers. FDM4 CRM Sales Force Software allows you to search bu user, team, department or project category for all activity within the day, week, month or even year.

Features and Functions

  • Multi-user functionality built to support the entire team of users
  • Distributed processing/replication amongst or between operating system environments
  • Relational database structure – written in PROGRESS, a 4th generation RDBMS
  • Unlimited companies, contacts, activities, memos, and user definable fields
  • Pop-up reference tables with built-in line validation
  • Built-in security and permissions to support access and ownership
  • Auto event generation to support your organizations’ selling methodologies cycle
  • Opening and closing activity status notification
  • Fax Software support – for use in auto faxing of information
  • Import/Export Utility – ability to import ASCII delimited files
  • Calendar/Tickler File/Appointment Book w/conflict scheduling
  • Quotation Worksheets with copy quote capability and unlimited line items
  • Forecasting
  • Direct mail fulfillment with source and literature tracking
  • Relationship and competitor tracking
  • Questionnaires feature with unlimited questionnaires and unlimited questions
  • Reporting with a flexible selection criteria utility – allows for multiple entries per field
  • Activity inquiry feature and more

What I like about the software

As my readers know I’m very big on he follow up sales calls. I think it’s the most important part of our job in Sales and Marketing. FDM4 CRM Sales Force Software allows you to set call backs and when using the tickler you will be reminded that the call needs to happen.

For more information regarding this application visit the developing company’s website.

FDM4 International



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