Design Strategies for Marketing your Blogs Brand

When packaging and designing your blog many factors must come into play. We have to remember when building our blog brand the shape and form the blog is being delivered in is of most importance. Most successful bloggers have amazing web designs backing up the content their writing. Heck sometimes an article might not be written the greatest but it sure looks good.  Today I want to look at what we should be taking into consideration when considering the delivery of our blog and or a new blog article. Like the greatest products in the world, our blog would be nothing with out the proper presentation and design.

Features and Options

Every single thing we add or take away from our blogs affects our brand significantly. If you add or take away something a reader once liked you have the potential of losing that individual as a reader or customer. If you plan on making any drastic changes I would suggest taking a consensus and determining if in fact the change will do more good than bad for your blog. We should look at offering rss feeds, subscriptions and other services our readers and visitors can benefit from.


This area of design was a surprise to me. I rarely took the navigation into consideration for my readers. For the longest time I disregarded it to be useless or less worthy of my attention and time. I was wrong and I’ll explain why. If a visitor cannot find what there looking for while visiting your blog they will never come back. headers, titles, category and topic links all have to be visible and not cluttered with junk in your sidebar. I see so many crap blogspot blogs that are exploding in the sidebars! It’s disgusting and should never be done on a professional branded blog.


The Color Scheme

Before I go into this section and make myself look silly I want to make note or for you to take note I’m not big on Consumer Behavior but we sort of touch it inside this article1 See the color’s of your blog will determine the mood of your visitor! Believe it our not it’s a known fact. Not only did I learn about this during my consumer behavior class I also read an article over at blogengage a week ago or so that detail this exact subject. The Psychology of Color in Webpages was the articles name and was written by NathanKP It’s really detailed and could be beneficial to have a read.

Consistent and Reliable

This is a very important factor when marketing your blog and brand image. See it’s ironic but when you say Consistent and Reliable most people think we are talking about the blogger but in fact today we’re talking about your theme, blog and design. Make sure your hosting is reliable. Your readers will want to have consistent visiting experiences. We can speak of even more simplicity such as making sure the blog works, making sure the services are reliable and more.

Creating a marketing strategy for your blog is difficult but by following these 4 major suggestions you should be off to a great start.

Do you have any other examples of marketing strategies we should take into consideration for our blog design and blog brand?

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