Determining where to market your blog

I visited twitter today and I seen @robertbravery post a message re tweeting @EricaMueller post regarding marketing her blog and how to determine where to spend the majority of your time.

I guess the main concern here is wasting our time marketing in any given website that doesn’t provide some sort of return on investment. The community, Website or Forum has to have the ability to give back equal or greater result from the efforts put into these social activities.

This got me thinking and eventually I decided I should put together a list of things you should look for when considering marketing your blog within any forum or community website.

  • The website should be Do Follow
  • The website should have members with similar interests as you
  • Clean and fast loading design for productivity
  • Dedicated and committed members
  • Already large sized community (existing user base)
  • Dedicated moderators ensuring a safe and clean visit
  • Nice and friendly environment for learning
  • Updated member profiles
  • Unique website content

Blogging is your hobby and when you join a community you have to ensure it’s a community that will help you grow. Remember this is the main reason you have decided to join the forum. If it’s not able to meet your needs as a blogging marketer I would suggest leaving and moving onto the next community.

I wrote an article sometime ago helping people understand forum marketing a little better maybe it’s still worth reading. I share some great ways to take advantage of forums without becoming overwhelming and spammy.

Trust me when I say theirs a fine line between online marketing and spamming.

If you have any questions, comments or opinions I would love to hear from you. Place a comment below and I’ll be sure to read it.

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  1. Diabetis says:

    Finding a dofollow that is within your niche is almost impossible unless your topic is about making money online.
    .-= Diabetis´s last blog ..Too much exercise is bad for Diabetes =-.

    • bbrian017 says:

      I was more or less talking about the community or forum. Don’t worry about blogs that are do follow. Google doesn’t count the comment links as high quality anyways. Make sure the social networks and forums are do follow. Most of them already are anyways.

  2. Erica Mueller says:


    Thanks for the great list and ideas. This is exactly what I was looking for… a checklist to help me decide where to participate and spend my time.

    Learning wise, what’s your favorite forum/community?
    .-= Erica Mueller´s last blog ..5 Ways to Reduce Your Comment Count =-.

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Erica thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I’m a little bias but my favorite community is bay far blog engage. We have so many cool and unique bloggers there it’s hard to beat it.

      I know many people would say well he’s only saying that because he’s the owner but I’ll let you know even if I wasn’t the owner I would still submit my blog articles there.


  1. Vote on this article at says:

    Determining where to market your blog…

    I visited twitter today and I seen @robertbravery post a message re tweeting @EricaMueller post regarding marketing her blog and how to determine where to spend the majority of your time….

  2. […] to invest your time into can become a daunting task for most of us. I’m not going to touch on how to determine where to market within this article but rather explain why blog engage is your best bet as a blogger and online […]

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