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Just an FYI I’m the owner and founder of a popular social networking website for bloggers called blogengage. We have been building our community now for 2 years and from the start we had competitive pressure from many similar niche blogging sites. They offered the same service, same software and functionality and normally claimed to be far Superior than mine.

You’re probably asking yourself where I’m going with this and with patience you will soon find out. See I never once claimed our community was better, faster, and more popular or anything. I simply kept marketing and promoting the sites in order to grow the community.

I really didn’t care about my competitors I just wanted to help my blogging friends have a decent community to promote their blogs and interact with other bloggers. It’s ironic the way things work out sometimes. The competitive niche blogging websites are dead. Seriously they are filled with spam and the stories on the front page are older then 1 year. I’m not going to directly link to these sites as I’m thinking it would be a bad idea for my marketing blog to link and pass page rank juice to poor quality websites as such.

None the less I will still tell you the names. When I first started Blog Engage the following websites were my biggest competition in the niche blogging market. If you look at their websites now this is what you will find.

Blogging Zoom – A dead and non happening place where the newest article on the front page in more than  a year old. Most definitely not a community ready to help promote your article. At one point this site was a Page Rank of 4 But I called it a fake in bloggeries blog forums and it appears I may have been right. It’s currently siting at a page rank of nothing.


Post On Fire – Far better than any community I will mention today (besides blog engage). This guy at one point was pretty dedicated. It seems he recently left pligg as I did and went with another platform to run his website from. Unlike Post on fire I stayed with the Social Web CMS Team allowing me to keep the cool functionality of pligg software without all the bugs. I think he went with drupal a leading social networking and blogging script.


BlogsVine – I don’t even know the owner of this website. I don’t see him or her actively marketing and promoting the website and that’s probably why it’s dead the way it is. At one point this site had a pretty original and unique design but you can clearly see they are now using the same template as my site but a different color. It’s too bad what happened this was a decent website at one point.


well it feels pretty good to know of all the competitive websites that started up blog engage is moving forward with strong momentum. So if your reading this and use to be a members at any of these websites I invite you to join our social networking website for bloggers.

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