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When I announced I wanted to start generating more income from my online activities I had little or no idea on where to achieve this outside of my current Ads and Blog Engage RSS Service. The article in which I announced this got many great replies from my readers suggesting multiple ways in which I could accomplish this goal.

The one suggestion that stood out the most was the idea of guest blogging contests. Now I’ve thrown many of these things and currently have one going right now that’s giving away 500USD is cash on the Blog Engage Community Blog. What I’ve never done before is enter one as a contestant and last night I did just that for the first time.

Time to market

The contest has many great prizes including up to 4500 USD. My goal is to market and promote my article to the point of no return and try too win one of the top spots. I’m hoping all my readers here will help be successfully promote the article when it’s published.

Engage with me

When the contest article is posted I will write and article here on my blog asking you my readers come and engage in conversation with me. Comments are a big factor to wining the contest so I will need all the help I can get.

The competition

I’ve seen the articles that have been submitted and its going to be a very competitive contest. I have already written my article and I’m hoping the content is unique enough for me to stand out amongst the others.

Increase an income

Assuming you can write an exciting and entertaining article you could have a good chance at winning some extra money. If you start joining multiple contests there’s a good chance it could become steady stream of income that is added to your overall online income sources.

My Plan

At this time my plan is to start joining all the blogging contests I see online. I’m no longer going to sit back and watch other people win. This is going to start earning me extra income and this is important to me. This should also help me improve my writing skills and get some free promotion for Blog Engage as well.

How will I win?

  1. Write a great article
  2. Market and Promote it
  3. Develop a bunch of comments
  4. Engage with my readers

Feedback and Discussions

Have you used blogging contests to increase your online income? Has it worked for you in the past? Do you find it’s hard if you don’t have enough followers or online friends to remain competitive? What’s your thoughts regarding blogging contests being a semi steady source of income?


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