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Some people think creating solid traffic from webmaster communities is easy but in all reality this task can be very difficult. The first thing we need to do is ensure the webmaster forum is on target to our purpose and has the correct forum categories for us to take advantage of! What we want to look for on these webmaster forums are categories that will allow us to use the service available inside the forums while also advertising the website url without being a spammer. The line that separates a spammer from an online marketer is extremely fine so let’s make sure you don’t create a bad name for yourself by following the example I share very closely.

The named forums below will offer many online marketing opportunities for your company or website! The best part about these options is the concept is allowed and not considered as spam. Let’s take a moment and break down these specific forums to explain and give an example of how we can market our website inside these forums.

Website Review Forums

Website reviews are perfect ways to jump start the traffic flow to your website. At this point you should be creating a basic template for a Website review request which can be used with little change at all the webmaster forums your sign up at. Don’t forget in this process you should include a website url to the website under review. If you want to be very specific you can ask for reviews on multiple pages which have minor differences in design and or reasoning.

Domain Name Appraisal Forums

Another great reason to post a website url. Simply ask the members to appraise the domain name and when adding a live link 99% of the time they will also visit your website! Trust me add the link these guys giving free review are deadly bored think about the service there offering for free! Use a similar script as mentioned in the above paragraph and make minor changes for each forum.

Buy, Sell or Trade Forums

The mother of all examples is this amazing forum. It’s like a free ticket to extremely exploit your website url with so many different way to do so. The best thing about the Buy, Sell or Trade Forums is they normally have about 10 other forums inside them. The sub forums you should be looking for include the following and sometimes you might have reasoning for the rest but normally these are great forums to start with,


If you are offering any sort of free services or products (or seeking them), this is the only place those offers should be posted. Remember to always add your url when offering these services especially if it involves your website.


Users buying and selling content (including databases) can conduct business here. This is another forum you should be adding your url too and again especially if it’s pertaining to your website!


– Post your url when asking for custom or free template! Make sure the members know what website you are looking to replace the current template on.


Offering free services on your website? This is the forum you should be posting inside. Always add the url where the free services are located allowing you to gain another back link and increased traffic.

Link Exchange

This is another great way to get a back link. Post your url and offer a link exchange with other webmaster forum members. This will generate a nice wave of website traffic as all people willing to link exchange will want to see the website there dealing with.

Link Sales

Selling links from your website? Have an empty sidebar you don’t know what to do with? Again this is another forum for yet another back link. Post your website url and sell your link spots!


Everyone loves contests but we can’t join if we don’t know what website is offering the contest so yup, another back link opportunity! Post your website url and tell all webmaster about this awesome contest!

I know sometimes marketing your website and or blog can become overwhelming but don’t give up! Some webmasters will make it difficult by posting silly replies to your forum topics but work with it and over come these situations.

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