Economic recession just in time to earn your sales stripes

This is our time!

If you’re worried about keeping your job in the Sales and Marketing industry this may be your time to succeed. Don’t let anyone tell you sales are low due to this recession. Work harder than you ever worked in your life. Make three times the amount of calls you would normally make. If you’re creating buzz and business for your company consider yourself earning your stripes.

sales stripes

This is the hardest time to make a sale. Lets be honest the United States are doing poorly and in return our economy here in Canada has the same affect. In general this affects the chances we have of selling or products to the consumer or our business prospects.

I always try to remain positive when doing my sales calls. Make sure the prospect knows you are convinced your products will help their company. We have to have a reason to sell our products and ways to convince people it’s beneficial and worth the money even in these hard economic times.

The President and CEO of our company insists in these hard economic times it is time to buy. We cannot sit back and wait for the economy to change. We have to create change ourselves.

Do you even know how inspiring that statement is? Do you even understand how true it is? Somewhere, someone is looking to buy our products and the same goes for you. Finding these leads has become ever so hard but I must stress the opportunity still remains for the sale.

This brings me back to your work ethic. You have to work harder then you ever did before. If you made 40 sales calls in a day you now have to make 60 or 70. You have to duplicate your work standards in order to generate the equal amount of leads today as you did a year ago.

Don’t give up and don’t get depressed. You’re not the only one in your industry having a hard time to sell their products. All the major players are feeling the pinch so again don’t think you’re alone.

This is your opportunity to earn your stripes, create sales, Increase your calls and build your personal worth or value within your company. If you earn today in these hard economic times and generate leads you will have a position within your company for years to come.

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