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Understanding how to make contact with your friends online can be very tricky. Trying not to offend others while marketing can be what seems to be an impossible mission. I have tons of friends I’ve meet online but many of them don’t even know I blog here at SEOMKT.

I’ve managed to use twitter to successfully market and promote my blog articles. Over the last week I’ve been manually private messaging my friends requesting comment exchange with their blogs. When doing this you have to be very sincere with your followers. If you promise a comment exchange you better be ready to return the favor.

The Positive

Obviously the positive side to this affect is an increase in participation on your blog. Your friends click the link, visit your blog and have a look at your latest articles. They find something that interests them and they leave a comment. The end result for your blog again is an increase in comments and in return you visit their blog and engage with them.

The Negative

Not everyone likes this method of communication. Private messaging people on twitter with links can result in some upset friends. I’ve been lucky and haven’t had one complaint yet about my marketing methods. You could potentially get upset replies from friends but it’s up to you to decide if 20 comments is worth one upset online friend. from me I believe the comments out weight the negative side affects.

Take Note

One thing I’ve noticed is twitter has a bug in their private messaging which makes it appear as if you didn’t send your message but you actually did. When you send a message sometimes it doesn’t appear and looks as if your friend didn’t receive it. Rest assured they did it’s just that you that can’t see it. This has only happened twice and one of my friends actually messaged me back asking if I sent the message enough. Naturally I messaged her back apologizing and stated what actually happened.

End results

The end result and overall experience for the past week has been extremely positive. I’ve managed to get my friends commenting and participating on my blog. Now let’s get something straight here before you go and start spamming a bunch of people on twitter.

Twitter Private Messaging Guide

  1. Only message people you built relationships with in the past
  2. Don’t send the same message twice even if it’s a different day
  3. Do not automate the process be as human as possible
  4. Message them back if they reply with questions

Feedback and Suggestions

Have you ever used this method to attract new readers to your blog? See perhaps you never had to but your blog was never covered by a huge blog engage social networking could. Sometimes I find people don’t even know I blog so sending the private message and personally inviting them is my way of saying hey, I’m doing something over here you might be interested in.

Let me know your thoughts and past experiences by using this method of attracting your friends. Are you against using this method? do you think it’s border line spam? I’m interested to know your opinion so make sure to leave comment below.


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