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Understanding how to make contact with your friends online can be very tricky. Trying not to offend others while marketing can be what seems to be an impossible mission. I have tons of friends I’ve meet online but many of them don’t even know I blog here at SEOMKT.

I’ve managed to use twitter to successfully market and promote my blog articles. Over the last week I’ve been manually private messaging my friends requesting comment exchange with their blogs. When doing this you have to be very sincere with your followers. If you promise a comment exchange you better be ready to return the favor.

The Positive

Obviously the positive side to this affect is an increase in participation on your blog. Your friends click the link, visit your blog and have a look at your latest articles. They find something that interests them and they leave a comment. The end result for your blog again is an increase in comments and in return you visit their blog and engage with them.

The Negative

Not everyone likes this method of communication. Private messaging people on twitter with links can result in some upset friends. I’ve been lucky and haven’t had one complaint yet about my marketing methods. You could potentially get upset replies from friends but it’s up to you to decide if 20 comments is worth one upset online friend. from me I believe the comments out weight the negative side affects.

Take Note

One thing I’ve noticed is twitter has a bug in their private messaging which makes it appear as if you didn’t send your message but you actually did. When you send a message sometimes it doesn’t appear and looks as if your friend didn’t receive it. Rest assured they did it’s just that you that can’t see it. This has only happened twice and one of my friends actually messaged me back asking if I sent the message enough. Naturally I messaged her back apologizing and stated what actually happened.

End results

The end result and overall experience for the past week has been extremely positive. I’ve managed to get my friends commenting and participating on my blog. Now let’s get something straight here before you go and start spamming a bunch of people on twitter.

Twitter Private Messaging Guide

  1. Only message people you built relationships with in the past
  2. Don’t send the same message twice even if it’s a different day
  3. Do not automate the process be as human as possible
  4. Message them back if they reply with questions

Feedback and Suggestions

Have you ever used this method to attract new readers to your blog? See perhaps you never had to but your blog was never covered by a huge blog engage social networking could. Sometimes I find people don’t even know I blog so sending the private message and personally inviting them is my way of saying hey, I’m doing something over here you might be interested in.

Let me know your thoughts and past experiences by using this method of attracting your friends. Are you against using this method? do you think it’s border line spam? I’m interested to know your opinion so make sure to leave comment below.


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  1. tonyknuckles says:

    I’ve been under the idea that making your blog pages apps via the developer box you can use your own site as a backlink creator. Any truth to that?

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Tony, that’s a little off topic and to be honest I don’t have an answer for you. Perhaps try asking that in a webmaster forums or something like that.

  2. Dana says:

    Great move! Before, I never thought that Twitter’s PM can be utilized as what you did.
    Dana recently posted…Cisco WebEx Meetings for AndroidMy Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Dana, yes it’s a great way but be careful to only message people that have been friends with you fro a long time. Doing this to someone you just started following is not a good idea.

  3. Twitter is a great tool. But like any tool there is possibility of abuse.
    I have used a bunch of friends on Twitter with good success.
    We have an understanding. I DM them of new blog posts. They RT those posts for me. They in turn DM me, and I RT their blog posts.

    I do this with a few people. Yes, it does help.
    So the point is, get a few of your loyal subjects together. Come to an agreement that you will DM each other with new blog posts, and that those blog posts will be RTed by each other.

    There used to be a thing Called Twitter12, where you have Twelve people in a group agreeing to RT each others post. But the founder had to drop that because of various issues. But we still carried on.

    So perhaps we can revisit that idea. Get a group of people together and agree to RT each others post.
    Robert Bravery recently posted…Want free traffic to your blog &ndash here&rsquos howMy Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      What I’m doing is a little different and if it works I’m going to continue marketing my website sing this method. I don’t have time to go and comment on random blogs because I’m to busy returning the favor of my commentors here. So my hope at the end of the day week or month is that people will start visiting each day because they know the favor will be returned.

      The hard part is finding an interest in some of the articles left with the comment luv. I mean I can’t have an interest in everyone’s content lol.

  4. Shiva says:

    Hi Brian

    I do not use twitter as much as other Marketers do, my feeds get autoposted, sometimes I retweet others posts and then I check my @replies. I am trying to learn more of Twitter marketing but it seems it will take time. But I am certainly taking into account your tips of comment exchange thingie. Maybe I will try that too later, first I need to build some more relations in Twitter. Thanks for the post brian
    Shiva recently posted…FBMaxed Review – Switch Your FB Fan Page Easily From FBML to iFrameMy Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Shiva, Yes twitter is a great marketing tool but as I mentioned in the article you have to make sure these people are your online friends before you start private messaging them. If done wright like your going to do this can work out so amazing!

  5. Nishadha says:

    I use this method but only with a few selected friends, since I don’t post that often I guess I can get away with it, but if you are posting often then messaging friends might become a nuisance for them.
    Nishadha recently posted…SEO in Sri LankaMy Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Nishadha, that’s a good point. You don’t want to be doing this everyday because it can become an issue and annoy many people. One thing you have to understand as a market for every 10 people you market your going to upset 1. This is the way of life. If you make 9 people happy and build relationships it’s worth upsetting 1 in my opinion.

  6. Andreas says:

    Technically I guess they say that its spam but I get tons of such requests per day I don’t complain either because its just the way it works.
    You get mail in your offline mailbox all the time and only very few people actually complain about it directly.

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Andreas, there’s a fine line between spam and sending an request via twitter messages. If I don’t know someone and I start private messaging them then yes I would agree this is very spammy but I have over 1000 real friends I follow on twitter. Messaging them to me is very okay and should be done without feeling guilty or like a spammer.

      Thanks for the feedback and visit!

  7. Karen says:

    The Twitter DM has become a bit of a SPAM haven lately and these DM about Mafia wars etc. are a complete pain in the rear and those are usually blocked or marked as SPAM by myself, but, as you say, using the DM of twitter wisely does have it’s benefits, I’ve used it many times to communicate with friends when simply tweeting is not appropriate, as in busy ideas etc. 😉
    Karen recently posted…Album Review- Remergence – Wide Open SpaceMy Profile


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    Empowering your blog with twitter…

    Understanding how to make contact with your friends online can be very tricky. Trying not to offend others while marketing can be what seems to be an impossible mission. I have tons of friends I’ve meet online but many of them don’t even know I blog he…

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