Features Advantages and Benefits, FAB’s for Blogging

With every Product or Service you offer as a business or individual comes these three attributes. FAB’s allow you to maintain a competitive advantage over similar products or services in your marketplace.  Thus allowing you to maintain the majority of market share for your products in your niche. Many elements attribute to these FAB’s and today we’ll discuss what is needed to archive these three qualities operating a blog as a blogger.

This was a pretty cool part of my course during my education. The class was Sales and I think it was  first year second term. It took me a while to actually understand what in fact differentiated what was a feature, advantage, or benefit.

Feature: A feature would be about the products and services hopefully offering something unique and is part in parcel to the products or service it self. This means without us the consumer this would still exist.

Advantage: The advantage will be  something you as a blogger will have over other bloggers that encourages a reader to visit your blog rather then your competitors. This will be a feature unique to your service.

Benefit: This is what the product or service does that is also unique but needs the consumer to take affect. Stand alone the benefit does not exist without the Feature or Advantage.

The consumer using the Feature will have the Advantage and gain the Benefit. Now how can we add this into out daily blogging? How can we ensure our visitors are seeing the advantage and feeling the benefit?

Creating FAB’s to improve the quality of your blog.

Features for your Blog: Creating features with your blogs for readers will depend on who’s reading your blog. Seeing the majority of my reader are blogers I will focus on my niche but you should be able to understand the point if your reading and your in sales for a different product. I have added the following features to my blog.

  • Comment Luv
  • Top Commenter’s Plug-in
  • Do Follow Comment links

Advantages for your Blog: The Customers Advantage would be allowing the blogger to build quality back links and instantly start building credibility with the Search Engines. Overall increasing credibility and SERP positioning. See how the Features mixed with the Consumer immediately become Advantages? I think it’s pretty nest stuff.

  • Develop Quality Back links
  • Increase SERP
  • Increase Web Traffic

Benefits for the reader: Visiting your blog is not only fun but it’s educational or informational. Something positive has come from visiting, reading and commenting. When the consumer archives this stats they are satisfied with the Feature and Advantages. This normally creates return readers and consistent traffic for your blogs.

  • Increase in topic knowledge
  • Increase in blog authority
  • Motivation booster.

Always try to be competitive in the marketplace you don’t want to be blogging for the wind. You want to increase your readership and the worth of your blog.


Have you ever heard about FAB’s?

Do you think today’s article will affect how you blog in the future and what you’re offer your readers?

Do you try and practice this on your blog currently and if so is it working out?

Let me know!

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