First day at Casa Loma

The first trip on our vacation as “Tourists in Toronto” is to stop in at the CASA LOMA (1 Austin Terrace, Toronto). We will be leaving from a small city in Northern Ontario and heading down south. Our fist stop will be in Barrie where we will be staying the night. In the morning we leave to visit Casa Loma and head to our hotel to book in for our first night stay.


When we awake  from our night stay in Barrie Ontario we will be heading of to our first tourist destination named Casa Loma. From Barrie these are the directions we will be taking.


This is just a close up in case I get lost LOL during our travel.


Hopefully we arrive safe and the day turns out to be nice. This evening we will be having dinner at milestones


After Milestone we will heading over to the CN Tower for a nice relaxing evening in the sky.


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