Follow up Sales Calls, How much is too much?

As a sales rep one of my biggest concerns is simply making too many call backs. At some point in time we have to ask ourselves how much is too much. I call presidents and CEO’s for a living and at most times it’s nearly impossible to get into contact with these individuals seeing they also have busy schedules of their own. I call 3 or 4 times a week trying to reach them and sometimes I’ll leave 2 voicemails. The first would always be on a Monday and another on Thursday.

This article is interesting for me to write seeing by the end when it’s complete I might just have an answer for myself. Lets start by looking at what factors can come into play when constantly calling a company everyday to make a sales pitch to the President or CEO.

Continuously get the same secretary– This could potentially get deadly. As an example I had one admin secretary that liked me. She would call me hun and we knew each other by name but one day I called and it was obviously enough in her mid. She seemed a little irate with me not understand why I continued to call.

Possible solution– Try and use the company directory to get into the presidents voicemail. Hey you might be a nice guy and very likable but lets face it a sales call a day keeps the president away!

Leaving the same message– Please avoid this like it’s the plague! There’s no reason you should be repeating yourself all the time! If the president is listening to his message and always hears the same sales pitch its boring and border line harassment. Could you imagine getting the same message twice a week for over 2 or 3 months? Please don’t do this and I’ll explain why.

Possible solution– Leaving a voicemail is no different than making a sales pitch so let’s be unique and pitch different Features, Benefits and Advantages our products or services has. Every time you leave a message it should be another reason why this potential sales lead needs your company’s services!

The line between harassment and sales calls becomes really closely tied in. For instance if the company has a need for a product or service and eventually gets back to you all the messages left may not be of an issue. On the other hand if the company doesn’t have a need and continues to get your messages over time they can become extremely pissed off and this is the last thing you need. Creating a bad name with companies in your target market can potentially leak out side to other company’s creating and name for your and your services offered.

I guess when it’s all said and done you have to weigh the results and see what brings your company the most profit. Should you upset 100 people to get one sale? If you don’t follow up on your leads you will never close a sale so the question remains, how much is too much?

Personally if I have a cold call and I’m not too sure if it’s a lead yet I will call the company as I go through my sales list. If I think or see a need for one of our services I will call everyday! The majority of the time I don’t get people upset and remember at most 2 voicemails per contact a week.

If unsure speak to your co-workers in the same department and see what their concept is. Ask for advice and eventually you will come to your own conclusion. Simply stay away from the border line harassment and I think you will do just fine!



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