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Targeting specific keywords for your blog articles isn’t an easy task. There’s some tools online that can help us determine what specific keywords we might want to use. Sometimes this software can determine what we actually blog about and we should try avoiding this. Creating a topic around a specific keyword can lead us in the wrong direction. Do you find yourself looking for the right keywords to use for your articles? Are you interested to know what keywords are being searched and what ones aren’t?

Google Trends is a program that generates a graphical report on how frequent a keyword is or has been searched within the Google index. For instance in this post the targeted keywords are “Blog Traffic”. I’m hoping over time Google will cache my article in the top indexed pages for these terms. In all reality it’s very unlikely that this will happen seeing the competition for that keyword is extremely high.

I did a search in Google Trends to see what the latest results were for that specific search term and it turns out to be extremely popular.

blog traffic

blog traffic

Now I know it’s a long shot that Google will ever index me in the top 10 but over the next few days I will start posting more about the Organic Blog Traffic and see if I can apply my recent Unique Content experiment to make a difference regarding my ranking!

I think if I write enough articles on the subject I can eventually get in the top 10 for these targeted keywords. I guess only time will tell! As mentioned over the next few days I will write more articles regarding Blog traffic and it won’t be specific to the Organic Search Engine side I will speak about some Social Networking Websites, Webmaster forums and more!

Do you have any comments or questions on this article? Feel free to post them here and I’ll do my best to answer. Suggestions and tips are always welcomed as well



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