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When I first started Blog Engage I had little or no online friends to help promote the website. The site started off slow but had a few new members every day.

After marketing and promoting my little heart out I finally meet the coolest most awesome person online and her name is Ileane. She is the owner and founder of Basic Blog Tips and please do take the time to go visit her.

Ileane fell in love with Blog Engage immediately. I got e-mails from her thanking me for creating the community and then she started helping me promote and market it. Ileane was so awesome she did a series of videos for our community on how to use it properly and what the point of it all was.

I strongly suggest visiting Ileane’s blog I know for a fact you will learn something new everyday. She’s a young talented and enthusiastic blogger wanting to help other people. She’s a real sweetheart and if you do end up going to visit her please do make sure to tell her Brian says hi and sends hugs! This is the best place to learn about the basics of blogging.


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