Google is the new wave backup for restoring lost articles and comments

I haven’t taken a backup of my blog here for months. Almost 8 months to be exact. I lost all my articles and came to accept that fact. I even lost interest in writing new content on this blog. It’s amazing how demotivating losing written content can be.

After a few days I started getting the rest of my websites back up seeing I had updated backups for all of them. So here I am I have all my websites up but I’m still sad about all the lost content from my SEO and Marketing Blog.

I lost many comments, my readers lost many back links etc… the story keeps getting worse and worse. Now after losing the articles on my blog I all of a sudden had this social obligation to remove any of the article links I submitted to my favorite social networking websites. Now because I’m the owner bog engage I started there first.

Little did I know I was about to get the best news possible. Every single article I had lost was cached by Google’s Spider Bots. I simply copped the content, re published it and fixed the publish date to match my submission date. I still haven’t completed it all and I haven’t even started on the comments. I’m still working on completing them all I think I have about 10 more articles to do but it’s amazing how

I forgot about this amazing resource to find lost data. So if this is a tip or a lesson learned take note. When you lose data and you have no backup don’t’ fear as Google back up is here!

What’s your thoughts? Was this a surprise to you? Would you had thought about using Google’s Cache?

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