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So if you have been following my blogs you would have noticed I recently signed up for Google Webmaster Tools and added most of my websites to their services. Today I will be looking at what has happened so far to date and how it’s benefiting me to do this process. So let’s have quick look at the most noticeable changes in my Google Webmaster account Dashboard

The first thing I noticed was Googlebot last successfully accessed your home page on Dec 15, 2007. Which means it has now cached all the information here at Search Engine Optimization Marketing, for use when people are searching at

Let’s move on from here and have a look at the changes that took place in the Diagnostics section specifically the Content Analysis! This is an extremely important part to keep an eye on because f anything is stopping the Googlebot from searching your site they will notify you here. Regarding seomkt it’s all good and I have zero issues with my site!

Let’s now move on to Statistics! In this section you will have many things to look at including Top Search Queries, What GoogleBot sees, and a few other options as well. I personally think only the ones I mentioned are of importance.

Top search queries

In this section you will learn what keywords are generating traffic to your website from You can look at all the information collected on a week, 2week or monthly basis. I lost the screen shots but I will take some more soon sorry 🙁


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Memberships, RSS, Blog Engage

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