How do you engage your blog readers?

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I think one of the hardest parts of blogging is finding people that are interested in what your have to say. Sure you can go and start commenting on tons of blogs hoping for return comments but at the end of the day if you don’t have interesting content no one will read your blog.

Where do I stand?

I know for a fact that I don’t have interesting content. This doesn’t’ mean I’m not trying to improve my blog but I do have a hard time keeping people returning. I’m not sure why but it seems blogging isn’t something I was meant to do. Clearly I’m a great marketer and I know how to drive traffic but when everyone arrives they seem to leave without returning.

What Can I do

In all honestly I don’t have the answer to this question. I have added website functionality that adds to my readers experience. I have added features that benefit members when they return to visit but still it rarely works.

Perhaps I have so many things going on my friends don’t have time to visit my website at blog engage, the blog engage forum, the blog engage community and then to my personal blog. Perhaps I’m expecting to much from my online friends. I mean come on they must have jobs too you know.

What’s my solution?

I have to reach more people I guess But again even if I do they will eventually learn about blog engage and find far more interesting people to follow. None the less this is my blogging reality. I have spread my readers far to thin and now they are strapped for time and have to decide where they are going to spend their time. Will they be spending their time here on my personal blog or at the blog engage community.

If I can only find something to offer here on my blog that I don’t offer on blog engage perhaps this will increase blogger participation and generate more activity here. Perhaps my expectations are to high for the quality of content I produce. I mean sure I have written a few good articles here and there but I need to find a more consistent way to stand out.

Discussions and Feedback

How do you manage to increase participation on your blog? Do you follow the people who comment on your article? Are you tweeting their articles for them? Let me know your thoughts I could really use some advice it’s been lonely here lately.


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  1. Kiesha says:

    Hi Brian,
    I try to engage my readers by offering vivid narratives at the start of posts. People are drawn to imagery and words that evoke an emotional response.
    I also try to address people by name and respond to comments when I can. Also, sometimes people just want to be entertained – if you can write a post that entertains and informs, you’ve got a powerful mix there.
    Kiesha recently posted…The Ultimate Guide- Promote My BlogMy Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Kiesha, interesting advice regarding the vivid narratives. that’s great you have managed to figure that one out. I don’t even know how I would start implementing that but I will start thinking about it.

      Like you I also try to respond to all comments but I have put away trying and from now on I will respond to my readers and help promote their content using the comment LUV. this is how I’m going to ficus my attention to my regular visitors.

      thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Your feedback is always great and informative.
      bbrian017 recently posted…IF YOU DON’T READ THIS POST- YOU ARE A LIAR! FIND OUT WHYMy Profile

  2. Karen says:

    Sometimes you can comment on other blogs till your blue in the face and it only brings back a few visitors to your blog, though I have to admit that BlogEngage does seem to bring them my way 😉
    Karen recently posted…Have You Read Or Do You Read The Blazing Minds Bloggers DailyMy Profile

  3. IMHO, the most important way to engage readers is to be creative. I am not knocking the value of breaking news, of step-by-step instructions or of asking questions, but if you’re covering a topic that’s been done dozens (probably hundreds or even thousands) of times before, what I think really counts is creativity. Say the same thing in a way nobody has seen before. New stories. New characters. Animals playing humans (I love doing that). “What if” celebrity scenes. Infographics. Cartoons. Art. Poetry. Anything goes.
    David Leonhardt recently posted…Look what’s popping up on Google News these daysMy Profile

  4. Dave Clements says:

    Just because your site is not as popular as BlogEngage should not discourage you. BlogEngage is a far wider reaching site, whereas you’re dealing with a specialty. The other difference is that Blog Engage is more of a community, whereas a blog is more focused on you and your readers. There tends to be little interaction between readers and other readers.

    They are two very different sites and you need to keep them that way. You’re appealing to a niche here and you need to make sure you keep providing them with engaging and provocative material. Trust me – those who find value in your work will keep coming back for more.

    I tend to spend more time going through my RSS feeds than on Blog Engage, because I hand-picked my RSS feeds, whereas Blog Engage is a mish-mash of anyone and everyone submitting whatever they want. In a world where people are being more selective with where they spend their time, they’re far more likely to come straight to the source.
    Dave Clements recently posted…Use Any Font on WordPress with Simple Cufon ReplacementMy Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      hey thanks for the positive feedback Dave. I easily get frustrated and demotivated when it comes to blogging or even things I do in real life. It’s amazing how small things like that affect my over all performance or productivity.

      Your right I have to stop comparing my blogs success with the success of the blog engage community they are on two different levels. Perhaps when I learn how to deal with that I will be more happy around here lol.

      p.s. if you go to your profile on blogengage and select setting you can pick only the categories you want to see at blogengage and all the rest will stop showing.
      bbrian017 recently posted…IF YOU DON’T READ THIS POST- YOU ARE A LIAR! FIND OUT WHYMy Profile

      • Dave Clements says:

        Hey Brian,

        Thanks for the Blog Engage tip. Didn’t know about that – that’s a very useful tip. Really appreciate that.

        Trying to compare yourself and your works to others is one of the greatest downfalls that anyone can succumb to – it applies to the material world, where we judge our own successes by the successes of others or our own former successes and our beauty by the way the media and society portray beauty. It also applies to the things we do and the way we live our lives. Your primary motivator in everything you do should be that you enjoy it or it benefits you. When you’re doing what you love, everything else will fall into place naturally.

        You have a successful mini-empire here and you needn’t worry. You’re clearly doing something right. Keep it up mate
        Dave Clements recently posted…How to Change your Permalink Structure Without Breaking your LinksMy Profile

  5. How do you engage your readers? How do you encourage them to return? Well what would you do if the situation were reversed. What encourages you to read other blogs? What encourages you to return to other blogs?

    There are a few things that I think would do this.
    Answer peoples questions
    Give them what they are looking for.
    Provide solutions to problems
    Become a guru, or at least a respected figure in your niche
    Develop conversation

    Hey that’s enough. This is developing into a blog post. So read about it.

    But seriously. There is a lot more to do to engage your readers than just writing.
    Robert Bravery recently posted…Help! My Blog Is Not Making Money – What Do I DoMy Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Robert, Great advice but I think it’s ather hard to reach all these example in every blog post. I will be focusing on your suggestion in today’s article and well see if I can hit them all. Hopefully it will engage my readers and encourage them to post a comment.

  6. Lumin says:

    I’ve found a couple of good ways to increase reader engagement and consistency of engagement, but the most important (and effective in my experience) has been pretty simple.

    Make sure you offer your readers something tangible. For example, offer them a review on a piece of software and explain to them how it will save them time. Offer you readers a coupon on a product or service they’re likely interested in, and remind them that you’re saving them money.

    By no means do you need to do this on every post…but doing every once in a while. As long as your readers are able to see a unique benefit to checking out your blog from time to time, they’ll continue to come back.

    Hope that helps!

  7. DailyAppNews says:

    I don’t know how to engage reader to our blog. Surely, I always try write a post complete as possible. If I write about guide on something, I try to explain the way step by step. I always try find title for every post it interesting.
    My blog is just a few days old, but I keep believe, if my blog will get traffic. and I have done my best.

  8. Felix Albutra says:

    Commenting on other blogs, tweeting, bookmarking and facebook sharing is the common ways to gather traffic and engage with them. But if we want to to make our first time visitors to come back again, we should give them the most valuable content that we have.

    As for example, I often visit to Smart Passive Income of Pat Flynn and ViperChill of Glen Allsop’s blogs. What I’ve noticed is that, almost all of their article contents have a huge number of comments and most of the commentators are returning visitors.

    For me as a loyal reader, I keep on visiting these websites because their content is really realistic and highly valuable in which this are really giving a rare information for FREE.

    I am thinking that the information they are sharing on each of their content costs $17 -$27 if they will turn it into an ebook, but they gave for free.

    What they are doing is the real way of helping other people. Straight to the point and realistic.

    Thanks for this opportunity Brian for letting us share our opinion regarding this topic.

    God Speed!
    – Felix
    Felix Albutra recently posted…If You Want To Make Money- Then Join This Blogging Contest!My Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Felix, thanks so much for the feedback. So in general what I gather from your comment is your looking for unique, realistic and original content to read. well Hopefully this is the type of content I’m producing because I would love to have you visit daily and engaging with my readers. I’ll definitely try to produce great content for my readers.

  9. Nishadha says:

    Best way to engage readers is to give an opinion about something, information articles don’t tend to engage readers too much. They just read it and move on. But if your article is making readers think and form an opinion then they are more likely to engage with those kind of blogs.
    Nishadha recently posted…Advantages of FOREX currency tradingMy Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Nishadha I love your advice.. If I’m correct your saying make the reader think and want to comment as opposed to reading and leaving. So if I’m right I guess I would have to put my personal opinions and or experiences in the article making them want to comment or reply. Very interesting concept.

  10. Jimi Jones says:

    Hi Brian.

    Trying to build a community of loyal readers can be challenging and is affected by so many other factors. Topic, style ans tone of writing, time available to readers and many other things all play a part.

    I think that people generally take an easier and less time consuming path to engagement. Not across the board, but surely a large percentage of other bloggers fall into this category.

    The fact of the matter is this, many are working to build their own followings and businesses, which means traffic getting strategies that are quite time consuming, leaving precious little time to engage like most would want to. As a result, readership engagement suffers on some blogs.

    It’s a tough situation to address. It also does not mean that a blog owner / author is doing something wrong. With that in mind, I say continue to write the best content possible and be consistent, realizing that many readers travel a circuit together.

    I have a diversification plan that I will implement once all the pieces are assembled, and I think it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Without tipping my hand on strategy, I can say that it will be an experiment I am looking forward to doing.

    Keep rockin, man. We’ll get more noise going on around here soon. 🙂
    Jimi Jones recently posted…How to Find Fulfillment in LifeMy Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Jimi, it’s always a pleasure having you visit and hopefully as we move into the year we can continue building on our relationship. I’ve enjoyed visiting and commenting on your blog and I assume the pleasure is the same as your comment son min have been of great value.

      ‘m excited to hear more about this plan you will be implementing. Also I wanted to touch base regarding your comment on other also trying to build their blog up. I agree we are busty but if you can create a friendship and mutual agreement to always comment on one another blog wouldn’t’ that be the best bet?
      bbrian017 recently posted…IF YOU DON’T READ THIS POST- YOU ARE A LIAR! FIND OUT WHYMy Profile

  11. Fairooz says:

    Nice post Brian,
    I usually used to comment on big blogs, and i was getting enough backlinks, but that increased my blog bounce rate. Later i started commenting on other blogs only when i have some interesting content on the home page. And that decrease my blog’s bounce rate and i got some good readers too.
    That was a really important point that you said: “if you don’t have interesting content no one will read your blog.”
    Fairooz recently posted…How to Add Facebook Fan Page to Your Profile Employer LinkMy Profile

  12. Shiva says:

    Hi Brian,
    I think the best way of engaging your readers is to answer what they ask, reply to their comments and so on which I know you do. I think building engagement is easy but maintaining it is very hard. Maybe you need to convert your readers into subscribers so that they go on returning back to your blog. Obviously you do need entertaining and creative content to retain the visitors. Writing great content can be learned and is not a impossible task. All it depends on is hard work. I am sure with effort you will certainly be able to write some great content.

    Shiva recently posted…Theme Junkie Discount Code – 25 Discount Exclusive – NewMy Profile

  13. Irene Savarese says:

    Hi Brian,
    Made a comment somewhere else, but just realized this is where to put it.
    I wanted to say that I think you are brave writing this post and that I like your straightforwardness.
    I find it very hard too sometimes. Why do I have so few comment? Is my writings making a difference? And how to know why when I don’t get much feedback.
    I am new at blogging and I am not going to give up – and don’t you give up either. I truly appreciate your friendship on-line, even though we never met.
    Truly Irene
    Irene Savarese recently posted…Simple Exercise to Get More Satisfying SexMy Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      Hi Irene thanks for your comment it lifted my day up. I want to be honest because I know many bloggers are frustrated just like me. The goal is to find a solutions that benefits the majority of us. thanks for visiting and leaving your comment Luv. Also I have enjoyed my relationship with you as well.

  14. TrafficColeman says:

    BBrian..I tell people to be themselves and the people who like their content will come back..just keep pushing..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  15. Tia says:

    Hey Brian – If you think 30 comments is not “engaging” then try working for Sony or Ford.

    Being a blogger who blogs about blogging, especially one that interacts with a lot of internet marketers, you are going to naturally draw comments. Bloggers are natural commenters.

    Of course, there is more to engaging than commenting, right? If people subscribe, that is engaging. If people buy a service or product after visiting a blog post found via search, that is engaging.

    There are all sorts of metrics. I don’t know why you say you are not a good blogger. Help me understand that, Brian! 🙂

    Tia recently posted…Better Corporate Blogging Thoughts- 1My Profile

    • bbrian017 says:

      If you only knew how hard it is for me to provide such consistency over the last two week you would be surprised. Some people are meant to write but me, I don’t think so. I have had a great two weeks writing and hanging with all my friends!

      What you see happening here on my blog with all these comments this is new! This is not something you would normally see but I have been pushing really hard building relationships and returning comments. it truly works if you have 15 or 20 hours a week to accomplish these tasks.

      Thanks for the feedback Tia and I hope my comment clears up a but of your confusion. It’s because of friends like you that I have so many comments.

      • Tia says:

        I think you are an incredible, persistent blogger and networker. I am amazed and envious of your success!

        If you like working with corporations, let me know. That’s my target market and hey if you can drum up some comments with your persistence, well, you would be considered golden child! 🙂


  16. DiTesco says:

    Interesting content? I think you have plenty Brian and just being humble about it 🙂 You are right though about one thing, there is no point of commenting all over the place hoping for people to return the favor if you do not have good and useful info to provide. I’ll take a a step further and say that relevance is equally important. I sometimes get “comments” from people who are in real estate and despite wanting to reciprocate, I just don’t find anything useful to add. Anyway, you are on the track. Keep it up.
    DiTesco recently posted…Best SEO TipsMy Profile

  17. Hi there!
    Your blog is really interesting, I started reading some minute ago and I find it useful and complete. We have a blog, where we use to show our artworks and when we have nothing to show we just write about our activities.
    I prefere showing our art on a blog because there is more interaction with followers and people in general. Of course I’d like to have more “feeling” of people that’s visiting us, because also when we have a lot of visits, there is no sign of that.

    Thank you, have a nice day.
    Christian Rebecchi recently posted…Donut Communication on ND Mag!My Profile

  18. Timothy Spark says:

    Unfortunately what a wonderful advice here as well as tips also for us to be aware and give us some lucks in order for us to become just like you. I like the way you are Brian for being so sharing enough for the information you’ve provided us. We are lucky for finding the blog of yours for listing those important secrets for us to commit success. Continue to spread your words, it such a nice blog whom i ever read from the start. Thanks for posting.

  19. Mia says:

    I see you’ve done a really nice job in making your voice hear. Sometimes i take the lead and try to connect with various bloggers (usually from my niche), but most often I relay on social marketing. I try to find people with the same interest as me. Of course, that when people comment on my blog I try to relate to what they’ve said.

  20. Tinh says:

    Responding to every comments is a great way to engage readers and I have talked about this on FamousBloggers for a while. I usually leave at the end of my post with a question that encourages my readers to be more involved in discussions
    Tinh recently posted…5 Simple-Yet-Effective Ways to Get More TrafficMy Profile

  21. Kristi says:

    Maybe you just haven’t found your perfect niche yet. My husband is a great example of this – he wanted to start a blog of his own for the last year, so we tried a few different ones on different topics, but it never panned out. Then he started one on photography. At first, he thought he wouldn’t have more than 2 posts a week, and now he’s doing 5 a week without any trouble because that’s what he’s really passionate about.

    What you need to do is think about what you want to write the most – not what readers will like, not what will make the most money, but what you are really interested in – topics that get you excited. The readers and the money will come on their own once you get that figured out.
    Kristi recently posted…How to Increase Your Retweets- Twitter Followers &amp KloutMy Profile

  22. Irene Savarese says:

    Wow Brian, you wrote a good one. Congrats on all the great comment. See what happens when you reach out for help.
    Irene Savarese recently posted…Are You Behaving the Way You Want to BeMy Profile

  23. Charlene says:

    Hello Brian! I think that the best way to get them engaged is to think like one of them. Personally, if I can’t think of what niche to discuss for my readers, I just think what it is that I like to read and like to know because I believe that somebody (or there may be a lot of them) who have similar interests with me. They could become my sharers and followers. Of course, aside from that, I still benefit from commenting to other blogs.

  24. Singu says:


    I am very impressed by your style of writing. You writing makes you so humble. Definitely a lesson for a new blogger like me.

    Thank You!
    Singu recently posted…Learn SEO- What are the Types of SEOMy Profile

  25. Tina says:

    They are two very different sites and you need to keep them that way. You’re appealing to a niche here and you need to make sure you keep providing them with engaging and provocative material.

  26. Michelle says:

    Wow Brian, you wrote a good one. Congrats on all the great comment. See what happens when you reach out for help.

  27. Sam says:

    I’d say my writing style is one of my weaknesses. My writing is always grammatically correct, and (usually!) free of spelling errors – but I just can’t seem to write articles in a style which reads well and keeps the reader engaged.

    I’m not even sure if it’s something I can learn.

  28. Anne Sales - Coupon Codes says:

    Hi Brian,
    I suppose we sometimes get lost where we are. If we are writing for other bloggers to read then, only bloggers will get interested, right? But if we write an article that targets bloggers and non-bloggers then I think you won’t get as much engagements like commenting from the non-bloggers. I’ve got more readers who are not bloggers themselves. They post a lot of comments in my facebook status but not on my blog.
    Anyway, I think you’ve done a good job here.
    Anne Sales – Coupon Codes recently posted…123Print Coupon CodeMy Profile

  29. Suzanne says:

    They are two very different sites and you need to keep them that way. You’re appealing to a niche here and you need to make sure you keep providing them with engaging and provocative material.

  30. Daniel Snyder says:

    I’ve begun discovering that the BEST way for me to engage readers is to simply be myself, and share things that make me think. The internet is a funny place, as you suddenly find yourself in the ring with a whole lot of people who know so much more than you. But that’s okay! Be yourself, share your thoughts, be genuine! If you read some of the older articles on my blog you may laugh at me, (I’ve learned so much since then), but that’s me being me. That’s the best way to engage.

  31. Kelly says:

    If I had any answers, I would be putting them into action. I think you’re doing great for yourself. Blogging is hard. I don’t know why we put ourselves through the torture. Because we enjoy what we do, perhaps? You’re doing better than I am! Keep trucking!

  32. liseogirl says:

    I find the best way to really make a connection with my readers is to write in sensory by creating and emotional response that people associate with. The best way is through smells. As everyone remembers how certain smells make them feel and if its something they like they will continue reading like following the smell of a fresh baked pie into the kitchen.

  33. Delena Silverfox says:

    Solid advice here. Who am I? What do I have to say? What’s my solution?

    I think the solution is the most important part of all of that, because while our readers visit our blogs because they enjoy what we have to say and want to hear more, ultimately it;s about them coming to your blog hoping to find solutions to their own questions.

    How can we apply what we say to them, and make it *about* them, so that they feel central to the topic and come back for more?

    Delena Silverfox recently posted…4inkjets Coupon CodeMy Profile

  34. GioChiWinx says:

    Hey man !

    I feel you ! And i think every new blogger does, i had the same problem.

    I tried to engage my blog readers by posting and interacting on the same-topic forums online, it really helps a lot (:

    good luck

  35. Ling Ching says:

    I actually noticed that in the long run if a blog establishes relationships with readers — those same readers will come back and engage.. If a blog has genuine relationships with readers sometimes it doesn’t take for you to write compelling and earth moving post every time. usually simple day to day events of your life will make your friends-readers will make readers return and make comments 🙂
    Ling Ching recently posted…San Tan Ranch Homes of the Week 5My Profile

  36. Testosterone says:

    Good One,
    I admire, Discussions and Feedback is a key point to engage your readers.

  37. Ben Brown says:

    If you want to attract and retain your audience you have to be creative and post things that will keep them coming and craving for more. Being original, expressing your own views even if that means that you have to think out of the box will definitely help you in gaining the attention of your audience.
    Ben Brown recently posted…Review – There will be bloodMy Profile

  38. Amanda Ridger says:

    Thank you for those tips Brian! I am a blogging virgin, still navigating through all the information out here on blogging. Whoo! But I’m enjoying my journey toward using technology to publicize my writing more. My biggest challenge right now is increasing traffic.
    Wish me luck! And thank you again!
    Amanda Ridger recently posted…The Casual StyleMy Profile

  39. says:

    I think the best thing you can do to engage readers and keep them returning is to provide unique and valuable content for your niche. A good example in SEO is Bill Slawski’s SEO By The Sea blog. He has found an amazing group of niche readers by focusing on Google’s patent applications and relating them to future Google features and applications. This content is totally unique in the SEO blog world and for that reason he has a really dedicated following. It might take you some time to find a unique and valuable angle, but if you want longevity and engaged readers that’s what you need to do. recently posted…FinallyFast Commercial – original 1 minute spotMy Profile

  40. Cheolsu says:

    I had the same problem with my blog. I was able to improve the situation by linking the blog to my newly created facebook page and getting more active on twitter.
    Cheolsu recently posted…rediffmail loginMy Profile


  1. Vote on this article at says:

    How do you engage your blog readers?…

    I think one of the hardest parts of blogging is finding people that are interested in what your have to say. Sure you can go and start commenting on tons of blogs hoping for return comments but at the end of the day if you don’t have interesting conten…

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