How do you engage your blog readers?

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I think one of the hardest parts of blogging is finding people that are interested in what your have to say. Sure you can go and start commenting on tons of blogs hoping for return comments but at the end of the day if you don’t have interesting content no one will read your blog.

Where do I stand?

I know for a fact that I don’t have interesting content. This doesn’t’ mean I’m not trying to improve my blog but I do have a hard time keeping people returning. I’m not sure why but it seems blogging isn’t something I was meant to do. Clearly I’m a great marketer and I know how to drive traffic but when everyone arrives they seem to leave without returning.

What Can I do

In all honestly I don’t have the answer to this question. I have added website functionality that adds to my readers experience. I have added features that benefit members when they return to visit but still it rarely works.

Perhaps I have so many things going on my friends don’t have time to visit my website at blog engage, the blog engage forum, the blog engage community and then to my personal blog. Perhaps I’m expecting to much from my online friends. I mean come on they must have jobs too you know.

What’s my solution?

I have to reach more people I guess But again even if I do they will eventually learn about blog engage and find far more interesting people to follow. None the less this is my blogging reality. I have spread my readers far to thin and now they are strapped for time and have to decide where they are going to spend their time. Will they be spending their time here on my personal blog or at the blog engage community.

If I can only find something to offer here on my blog that I don’t offer on blog engage perhaps this will increase blogger participation and generate more activity here. Perhaps my expectations are to high for the quality of content I produce. I mean sure I have written a few good articles here and there but I need to find a more consistent way to stand out.

Discussions and Feedback

How do you manage to increase participation on your blog? Do you follow the people who comment on your article? Are you tweeting their articles for them? Let me know your thoughts I could really use some advice it’s been lonely here lately.


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