How SEO, Unique Content and Targeted Keywords can Increase Blog Traffic

When I first started this SEO experiment using unique content and targeted keywords I never knew the results would be so dramatic! I assumed I would see some ranking results indexed in Google but I didn’t think it would happen so fast! Let’s take a quick look back and explain how I got to where I am today.

I guess the general idea here is to follow the examples without change! The concept is easy if you can understand a few things about Google.

Creating Unique Content – Google is always on the look out for any website content that can be classified as Duplicate content. This is the last thing you want Google thinking your blog articles are! So remember try to use unique content when submitting to social networking websites!

Targeting Keywords to Increase Blog Traffic – When Google comes to search your website they will be looking for keywords in your articles that represent the majority of written work! So if you use keywords that are related to your topic your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) will become better. So in my case with this specific article and others I linked to all have targeted keywords. I think it’s obvious but this assumption maybe incorrect so I will show you some of the keywords I’m focusing on. Increase Traffic, Blog Traffic, Unique Content, and Increase Blog Traffic.

Creating Unique Content on Social Networking Websites – I own a Social Networking website and I know this works for a fact! Don’t submit word for word if you care one bit about your Google SERP. Like mentioned Google doesn’t like duplicate content and if you’re submitting to digg, blogengage or other social networking websites with the same content as your blog there’s a good chance Google will remove yourself or the social networking website from the indexed search results.

Let’s take a look where my keywords are sitting right now inside Google’s indexed search results! Just try a few random searches and see what’s happening!

Increase Organic Traffic – This search is bringing me about 5 hits a day from Google. The exact search phrase isn’t searched all that much but the hope here is the keywords “Organic Traffic” will start bringing me some more visitors and readers. If you look at the second page I have another listing as well. I took advantage of blog engage using unique content and topic descriptions and Google is indexing the submission under the same search terms. If you proceed to the third page I have another article linking directly to SeoMkt! So in total on three pages (the first three pages) I am indexed very well and competitively.







Targeting Keywords – Just did a quick Google Search for these keywords and was surprised to find myself in the Top 4 indexed results. This isn’t searched often so it doesn’t bring me much traffic! So far from this i got about 7 hits a day. We’re working on getting indexed but we all have to start somewhere so I’m thinking this is a good place!



Organic Traffic – This term seems to be hard for me to position but I don’t understand why considering the search results are only bringing back 508,000 results. I’m on the third page which I think is awesome but I would like to see this improve a little over the next week or 2. This search terms brings me 5 hits a day currently.



Increase Google Traffic – This term is searched often and is displaying 500,000 search results. Within a few days I’m already on the second page.



As you all know I will continue to monitor and track my efforts here at SeoMkt and I’m hoping someone, somewhere is learning something from my SEO Experiment. I know it’s frustrating and sometimes very time consuming but try to follow these steps and your Google Traffic will increase!

So what does everyone think? Am I way off my target here or could I have a chance of getting on that first pages in Google with these keywords!

Should I be looking at different keywords or is this good simply for the experiment?

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  1. Zak Show says:

    Aha, nice tips over here, I should focus more oy choosen keywords!

  2. zzBlogger says:

    the unique content really work. thanks you

    zzBloggers last blog post..Guild Wars Used Account For Sell

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