How to generate blog traffic using Blog Engage

Depending on how much time you have to market your blog social networking websites geared towards bloggers might be for you. See what happens here is a social website specific to a bloggers allows you to pick and chose the blogs you want to comment on individually and or by category.

Building quality comments on blogs can generate you free traffic and develop relationships with other bloggers. Adding a useful comment to another bloggers blog has been found to be the most unique and targeted way to make a scene in the industry.

Where do I find new articles?

I welcome you all to a social network that I started specifically for bloggers, Blog Engage. What happens here is you can sort by so many ways and this allows you to target your traffic and blogs you comment on.

Don’t find yourself posting comments on out dated and dead blogs. Simply visit our website and you can sort by category or newest to oldest. This ensure the blog articles you read are new and again relevant to your niche market.

You can sort the blogs by accessing this section of the main website.

sorting blogs

The sort functionality allows you to see and easily link to the most popular for the year, month, or week and allows you to see what’s hot right now and what’s new. The social networking part of this allows you to stay into contact with fellow bloggers, vote for each other and demonstrate how loyal of a reader you are.

What blogs should you comment on?

There are 2 main factors when determining what blogs you should be commenting on. For one you need to look at your interests. The comments you leave should be useful and therefore should be something you have an interest in. Secondly you should comment on blogs within your blogs niche. This way if anyone follows your comment url you can ensure it’s relevant and the follower will be interested in what you’re writing as well.

3 Rules of Engagement!

1. Don’t post worthless comments. Ensure you have quality information and you are adding to the topic and not taking away from it.

2. Leave positive feedback regarding the topic and what other bloggers have written as comments. Try to engage everyone into your comment.

3. Don’t make controversy unless you know for sure what your saying is true! There’s nothing worse then being wrong on your own blog.

I’m always open to suggestion fi you feel I’ve missed anything  or have some beneficial to add please leave a comment below!

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