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When I first started blogging I never knew the amount of work I would have to put into it in order to maintain and manage an active and working blog. As bloggers we all know it’s not as easy as it looks. There’s a lot of work put into the up keep of our blogs and in today’s post I will discuss some of the upgrades, maintenance and management I do to keep my blog tip top.

What’s involved with managing our blogs?

Management is pretty much cosmetic. I’m talking about replacing old blog roll links. Ensuing the blog roll links are in fact still active websites. Updating your image and profile links to social networking websites and making sure that data is updated is key to managing successful blog.

What’s involved with maintaining your blog?

There are many aspects of a blog that needs consistent up keep. Just off the top of my head I can think of a few things that would fit into the maintenance portion of the article. Updating and maintaining your wordpress plug-ins. Ensure the plug-ins are in fact working and have been updated to the newest release. Updating wordpress for security reasons and making sure it’s also running the newest version. Make sure you’re using the latest version of your wordpress theme. Sometimes security fixes are added and you aren’t told about it.

Is my written content also involved with managing and maintaining my blog?

Yes updating your content with new tags and ensuring your articles are in the proper categories is a big part of operating a successful blog. I remember when I first started SEOMKT I had very little categories and now I’m looking at over 7 so what I should be doing is making sure the original articles I wrote are in fact tagged correctly and are in the correct category.

What about my contact information?

Many times this will never change. Most bloggers simply use their hotmail address for their contact information. I personally use the hosting account domain names so every year I have to renew my e-mail for the contact us page! Trust me there’s nothing worse than a contact us that doesn’t work!

Should I change the About Us page?

Maybe I should have mentioned this a little earlier but it’s all good. Changing the About Us is really important. Keeping it up to date with relevant information to which you’re blogging about should be of most importance. When a visitor doesn’t see something they are looking for on the about us page they might leave your website and move on. So add all your categories and a brief but detailed explanation of your blog

Should I be updating my content?

Most importantly… to have a successful blog you must also update your content! I’m not a fan of people that say updating your content daily is a must seeing my blog does well and I miss a few days here and there. Stay consistent, write well and you should do fine.

Do you have any other suggestions on maintaining and managing your blogs? Let me know and let our readers know! Remember the best comments get the most followers!


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