How to manage follow up sales calls and call backs

It’s been three years now that I have been working in marketing and sales and to date the most interesting part of my job has been mastering the follow up calls and call backs. See it takes talent to accomplish this part of our jobs. Many things can go bad or wrong in the process therefore follow up calls and call backs should be treated with much attention and care.

Follow up Calls – The follow up call is always dependent on a previous activity. This means at one point you had contact with your prospect, spoken with them and or sent information regarding your products and or services. From the mentioned activities you generated a follow up call. This call is to discuss the information you sent and answer any questions the prospect has.

The Call Back – The call back is a little more formal then the follow up call. The call back is normally a set date that you pre-arranged with your prospect because the company has an interest in your products. You would have had contact, introduced a product or service, had a request for information and set up the call back.

Follow up calls and call backs should be treated with the most care seeing this is your chance as the sales rep to make or close a deal. The length of the process after the follow up call and call back is determined by the products you sell and the selling process from cold call to contract signing.

From experience I personally think maintaining the relationship with the prospect while successfully accomplishing your call backs is the most difficult process. Like any human you can get sick of calling back and doing your follow ups. You start thinking to much into the situation and come to your own conclusion on why the prospect or lead isn’t taking or replying to your messages. Unless you hear it from your prospects mouth don’t buy into your assumptive ideals. They want to talk with you but have many inside projects and company daily activities that need to be completed.

Just remember your contact or prospect doesn’t sit in his or her office all day waiting to take your call. Patience is a must during this sales process. Work with your prospect and respect their time.

Deciding on how many voicemail messages you should leave while completing your follow up and call backs is of most importance. No way, under no circumstances should you be leaving more than three voicemails a week.

Be aware that your prospect is busy, they’re getting your messages and don’t need to hear them everyday. I personally suggest leaving a message Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Try not to be consistent with this theory. Next week you will only want to leave a message Monday and Friday.

Leaving to many messages could destroy the relationship your trying to build. Don’t come off to needy but you also don’t want to express a lack of interest to do business with this company or prospect. There’s a fine line here and only experience will help you determine this.

If at some point in time you find the voicemail isn’t getting you anywhere simply contact the operator and se if she can take a message for you. Sometimes the secretary will take a message and leave it at the prospects office door.

It’s so easy to destroy a lead then it is to get one. So before you start being over excited, saying or doing things based on assumptions stop and put yourself in your prospects shoes.

Remember the prospect is busy and when they are ready they will get into contact with you.

Best of luck and I hope my advice helps…


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