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It’s rather ironic that I sit here writing a post about Kristi’s latest e-book because she actually won our contest at blog engage. So if anyone knows what their talking about it’s definitely my friend Kristi.

The cool thing is Kristi’s book, Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide, talks about all aspects of social media marketing and building relationships. it’s not just focused on promoting your guest post it’s an all around marketing managed guide on how to be a successful marketing blogger.

If your looking at more ways to increase traffic toy our blog, increase comments,or simply get more diggs and tweets then this book is for you. Don’t take my word for it, ask Kristi who has won the last three guest blogging contests she joined!

The Ultimate Guide will take you through ten different strategies you can use to successfully promote your blog posts, leading to more social shares, more comments, and much more traffic.

The Ultimate Guide not only shows you the strategies that will help you get your awesome content the exposure it deserves, but it also includes ways to build a mutually beneficial promotional team on your email list, instant messenger, and social networks so that when you are ready to promote, they will be there willing to help you.

Make sure to check it out I hope you enjoy!

Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide


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