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For the longest time I had the most boring blog. Literally with little or no plug-ins to encourage comment posting. Well after taking the advice from some fellow bloggers I follow I can now say I might not be so boring.

I have added 2 word press plug-ins I think my readers will enjoy. The first encourages commenting by listing the Top Commentators on the main index page and across all viewed pages! These links are do-follow which allows my readers to benefit from my big Page Rank 1 blog! But hey any link back counts doesn’t it?

The second plug-in I added to help encourage commenting is named commentluv. Commentluv allows a link back to the commentator’s last blog post. Two simple ways I try to encourage commenting on my blot articles, Top Commentators and Comment Luv.

I also try and write informational content! This allows my readers to add ideals or comments on something that interests them or educates them. I know the majority of my readers are other bloggers so I try to keep on topic for them.

I reach out too other bloggers as well which is a great way to get more comments. Most people know me from blogengage and when they submit their blogs I normally Stumble, Digg and Engage their submission! It’s the least I can do seeing they took the time to stop and submit their article.

I try to comment on all the blogs submitted but at times it’s just too hard! For one I don’t have the time and mainly I don’t always have an interest! I’m a business marketing guy and when it’s off topic I’m not to informative!

How do you get more comments?Do you have the plug-ins I’m currently using? Are you using other plug-ins that motivates readers to comment? Share what has worked with you. Tell us how you get so many comments. I would like to know I’m having issue getting passed the 6th or 7th comment mark.

Have a good Week,

Brian B

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