Increase your sales with more cold calls

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No matter how you look at sales in the end it’s all a numbers game. The more calls you make the more sales leads your going to get. Sometimes picking up the phone seems hard but you have to move past this moment and continue on with your cold call sales.

Remaining positive while making so many cold calls can be a battle for many sales associates. At times cold call sales can become overwhelming and repetitive but it’s needed in order to become successful.

Many people ask how many calls one needs to make in order to close a sale. This number changes from one industry to the next and is rarely the same for any one individual. Statistics do show the truth and to find your magic number follow these suggestions.

What you have to do is start tracking and monitoring your daily sales calls over a long period of time and eventually divide your total sales leads with total calls. This will give you a realistic average on the amount of calls needed in order to generate any one given lead.

For example if you make 300 calls on average per week and get one lead naturally you would have to make 300 calls to get one lead. If you were to get 5 leads over the 300 calls you would say on average I get one sales lead per 50 sales calls.

I sell ERP, E-Commerce and Warehousing Software for a living and needless to say my statistics are very low and require a lot of sales call activity. My job isn’t to get a sale that delivers cash my job is to get an online demo with my prospects. I have to call and uncover a need that will be used to convince these companies they need to see our software presentation.

So far in 2011 I’ve made a total of 500 sales calls averaging a total of 7 interested prospects. This means on average I’m getting a company that is interested in looking at new software for every 70 calls I make. Seeing I have already worked a total of 13 business days this year I’m making on average 38 cold calls a day.

This isn’t a very high number by any means but I also only work an 8 hour day. In the morning I check my e-mails, build my calling list and prepare myself for a positive day of calling. Also take note that I market research all of my prospects. I have to find their website, contact names and anything else that will help me close the demo.

So at the end of the day have a look at your personal productivity reports and make sure your setting goals to hit higher cold call numbers. This will eventually increase your success and perhaps even get you that raise you wanted at the end of the year.

I’m always open to feedback from my readers. Make sure to let me know your thoughts and post a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Andreas says:

    Cold calling is very similar to email spamming. There are lots of people who complain about email spamming, blacklisting spammers, but they do nothing about cold calling because there is no easy procedure for complaining, so only a very few do it.

    • bbrian017 says:

      Cold calling is nothing like e-mail spamming. When you cold call you have qualified your prospects for a specific service or product. E-mail spamming you don’t qualify anyone you simply spam the same message to all your prospects. Obviously there is a distinct different between the two. Unlike e-mail spamming cold callers will also take you off a calling list of you request it but spammers will not.

  2. David says:

    Cold calling is OK when you don’t have any other marketing ideas, and it can work if you make enough calls(working at the dealership selling cars I was able to sell a few myself just by making cold calls) but in a long run you are not going to make a lot of money and there are easier ways to get customers. For example, making a web page and optimizing it for a keyword you want to be found for is much cheaper, easier and more productive.
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    • bbrian017 says:

      David I would have to disagree, simply making a web page would never return the same results as cold calling. The idea of ranking high with a web page is also a very unrealistic goal. The companies ranking for our keywords are huge such as SAP, Oracle, people Software, JD Edwards Etc…

      These companies aren’t going to be out ranked anytime soon. Maybe your idea would work on a small business level but very unlikely for an enterprise company selling and enterprise solutions. SEO is a great idea but would be nothing compared to cold call sales.

  3. alex anderson says:

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    Increase your sales with more cold calls…

    No matter how you look at sales in the end it’s all a numbers game. The more calls you make the more sales leads your going to get. Sometimes picking up the phone seems hard but you have to move past this moment and continue on with your cold call sale…

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